Images of Nokia TA-1242 popped up on Chinese TENAA agency

Nokia TA-1242 just passed the certification process in China.

The Chinese agency TENAA published the photos of the device and its hardware specifications. This device is a feature phone that looks like a Nokia 150 from behind. It is a Dual-SIM device that is coming with a camera, LED flash, large speaker grill, and a T9 keyboard at front. The device dimensions are 13.45×50.1×117.98 mm and its mass is 79.17 g. It will be coming with a 2.4 inch TFT screen that will have a resolution of 240×320 pixels.

Here are the available specifications:

  • Model: Nokia TA-1242
  • Dimensions: 13.45×50.1×117.98 mm
  • Mass: 79.17 g
  • Display: 2.4, TFT
  • Processor: Single
  • Camera: VGA (0.3MP)
  • Battery: 800 mAh
  • Color: Black/White

The photo of the front part of the device is still not published, but we can expect it to be shown soon. So, Nokia Mobile is soon going to be launching another feature phone for Chinese market. This could be a Nokia 120 or maybe Nokia 200, or just another China specific Nokia feature phone. Anyway, another feature phone is coming soon.

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