#Nokia #OZO update 1.5.0 released

Nokia Technologies, a part of Nokia, released a new update for the world’s first professional VR camera Nokia OZO, and the suit of OZO software. Here are some highlights of the 1.5.0 update:

  • Compatible with macOS Sierra: OZO Remote, OZO Creator and OZO Preview are now compatible with both El Capitan and macOS Sierra.
  • Multi-GPU support: OZO Remote and OZO Creator now support both AMD and NVidia video GPU cards, giving you more choices during your VR productions.
  • Upgraded Assisted Exposure: Assisted Exposure is now part of the OZO Remote Web Interface to help you set optimal exposure time. It can now also be triggered through your smartphone or tablet for added convenience of mobility.
  • Fine Stitch Improvements: OZO Creator’s Fine Stitch option now produces sharper, more precise images – especially with moving objects or objects close to the camera.
  • Temporal Noise Filtering added: This lowers visible noise in exported OZO images, enhancing stitched video quality and increasing OZO exposure options
  • Disparity Fade Support for Stitching: Fine Stitch option now supports an option to automatically fade disparity between left and right eye panoramas to zero (providing a monoscopic view) at the north and south poles of the image enhancing the HMD viewing experience of these areas.
  • Single Frame Export Option: OZO Creator adds single frame export option to the job queue allowing quick experimentation of different combinations of settings by adding one frame export tests to the job queue and then exporting everything at once to see which one you prefer.
  • First Order Ambisonics Audio Support: First Order Ambisonics audio can now be exported, imported, and previewed with OZO Creator enabling delivery of spatial audio in format supported by YouTube and Facebook distribution channels. OZO Preview also fully supports previewing in this format now as well.
  • HTC Vive Support — We’ve added support for HTC Vive head-mounted display to OZO Preview when reviewing files in VR giving you more flexibility when previewing your files to use the HMD of your choice

This is the fifth update to OZO in less than a year since launch, which is a great indicator that Nokia is really committed to VR.

Source: OZO Blog

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