#Nokia and #Intel opened 5G acceleration labs to speed up bringing the 5G products to market

One again Nokia teamed up with Intel to create a great product that will be hopefully this time used by many. They opened testing facilities in the US and Finland, where they will jointly focus on various aspects of 5G network, from devices to cloud products and services. The idea is to develop 5G solutions in a live environment so they could set the standards for deployment and operation models of future networks. In the lab, they will use Nokia AirScale and Nokia AirFrame, and client and infrastructure platforms running on Intel® Architecture, as well as Intel 5G connectivity solutions. Read more about the joint venture at official press release.

Nokia and Intel have a long history in the networking business, but many of you maybe remember (or not) that they have been working on the creation of MeeGo that has been used by the beautiful and last phone of the N series, Nokia N9. MeeGo, as you may or may not know, is today present in Jolla’s Sailfish os, which is still developing. Also, Nokia used Intel’s processor in the Nokia N1 tablet presented back in the December 2014. When Nokia and Intel team up, only good things get created :).

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