Surprising prices of the new Nokia 6 (2018) and Nokia 7 plus in Russia

Nokia 6 (2017) left and Nokia 6 (2018) right

In Russia, a market where Nokia smartphones are among top 5 best selling smartphones, HMD Global has a web store over which the company offers customers their Nokia-branded devices. The store went live with the arrival of Nokia 8 last year, and since then has been regularly adding new products and offering different promotional deals to customers. The newly announced Nokia 6(.1) and Nokia 7 plus got their official price tag in Russia.

The Nokia store in Russia offers the new Nokia 6 for 17,990RUB or €255, including taxes, which is less than the announced €279 price tag without taxes. Nokia 7 plus is priced at 27,990RUB or €397, again slightly lower than the €399 price tag, but the price in Russia includes taxes, while the one announced by HMD doesn’t. You can pre-order the devices right away, but I couldn’t find the exact delivery date. In general, April is the month when the global release is scheduled.

I said that the prices were surprising because previous Nokia devices, like the Nokia 2 for example, had and most still have a higher price tag than it was announced. The 2, for example, costs 113 euros in Russia. The previous gen Nokia 6 or Nokia 6 (2017) is priced at 226 euros at the moment, while the 8 costs €453. The Nokia 8 Sirocco isn’t listed at the moment.

Source: Nokia Mobileshop Russia