Journalist #switches #iPhone for a #Nokia 105. Is it possible to do it nowadays?

This time of a year is often full of promises and resolution that gives a man a hope to do better. So, we often rush in put mind and say I won’t touch alcohol any more, I’ll visit grandma more often or even I’ll dump my iPhone and switch to dumb Nokia phone. In each one of the examples there is a bit of fairy tale element in it, so you have to analyze and see if New Year’s resolutions like previously mentioned can be done. You can give up on alcohol but if you are a normal person that promise will last till the next weekend or less. You can visit grandma two times a year to make yourself a better person. But, to say that in year 2017 one can give up on smartphone, and just use plain simple Nokia phone is a bit hard thing to do. I could easily visit grandma three times than leave my smartphone aside.

The satire in this text is there because guy who decided to do this is journalist of Stuff magazine, that relies a lot on his digital calendars and digital all. Well, the idea behind is noble, more socializing, less digital social media-lizing. I had the same thought, to leave the smartphone behind and get myself a Nokia 216, or 230 as a main phone. But then I realized I just bought a smart band, I would miss a Whatsapp, better camera, calendar, ShowBox, faster social networking apps, WordPress app to monitor my blog…

Can one discard smartphone and just go full retard with plain and simple Nokia phone in 2017? Well, first plus is a battery life and charging the phone once a week, which is a forgotten discipline today. Second thing is often usage of professional camera what means that most of the photos will look great. And third thing is the ability to use the phone instantly without any hiccups of modern software.

But, can a company (let’s say HMD) make a combination of a smart and dumb phone, a phone that will have smaller screen, ability to use Whatsapp (Viber and so on), e-mails… etc.? Can someone make Nokia s40 phone, like some order models like Asha or even older ones?

Microsoft almost did it with Asha 308A, a canceled model that we showed here, that had modernized s40 OS that did all the things one smartphone did, but was considerably dumber and cheaper. Unfortunately, that beautiful peace of mobile phone got cancelled because it would destroy the selling of cheaper models like Lumia 4XX series.

At the end, I got to say that the journalist of the Stuff magazine was probably sick and tired of iPhone and just wanted to feel better of himself by using a mobile phone instead. He even left some tips on how to live with a “low-tech” phone in the original article.

Good luck to him!

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