Leak: Nokia E1 is HMD’s entry level smartphone?!

From Chinese Weibo network comes another leak of the future Nokia smartphone, but this time it is the photo of a new model, Nokia E1. Actually, the leaked photo shows the front panel of the Nokia phone, and the Nokia logo on the latter image proves that. But, since it is missing in the first photo this could easily be fake, or some Sony Xperia model (C3?).

Personally, I am not a fan of white bezels around the screen and the phone looks like it has low price tag. Phones with white bezels can be beautiful also, and the best proof for that is Lumia 650 which looks sexy in the white. The only good thing about this leak is that the screen could take more than 75% of the front surface. Capacitive control keys on the front are also a good thing since the lower diagonal screens will be used to its full capacity.

At the end, we could be expecting three phones at MWC2017, Nokia E1 or the cheap model, midrange Nokia D1C and the top model Nokia P1.


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  • PNHD

    Generic as fuck. I’m getting more and more worried these phones won’t blow anyone away and it sure as hell be what the Nokia brand needs to make a strong comeback

    • Wouldn’t say generic since there is lot of regular Nokia Lumia shapes in that front panel, but it is not bold as we expected it to be. Well, it is just a frot panel of the low end device, so there isn’t much to expect there, right?

  • Rce

    So,Nokia will launch at least 4 series of phones from low end to high end,pretty good strategy to beat Samsung out..

    • PNHD

      Those phones need to be attention worthy. They can’t be existing just for the need of existing. I’m glad they are pursuing a full range strategy nut i want them to get everything right. There are a lot of eyes on them for this launch. And a lot of people thing Hmd is just a chinese company that licensed the Nokia brand. They have to prove them wrong. And with these generic phones that leaked they can’t do that. Unless they have something innovative in them snd are priced very competitevely like the chinese oems do

      • Hemedans

        well said, i do remember there were some innovation from Nokia research centre but werent used in lumia, i hope they are ready now for mass production

        -solar powered smartphone
        there were rumors Nokia will introduce solar powered lumia but it didnt happen,

        -unlimited standby
        phone will draw power from radio waves, it was supposed to be ready by 2015

        -graphene related technology

        together with existing technology like super sensitive display, clear black display, HAAC mic, pureview, xenon flash, zeiss lens etc will differentiate Nokia from Chinese oem

        • Yes, and Nokia invested a great deal of money in those technologies. Now I’m more close to think that on MWC2017 we’ll see just mid range and low end Nokia smartphone. There hasn’t been a lot of photos of thw so called Nokia P1 or the top model that should bring the best of Nokia twchnology kept in the patents. Maybe graphene based camera isnt perfected jet and they choose to delay P1. But that ia not the boom we are all promised and arw expecting.
          Maybe P1 is garded toughly and there aren’t any leaks of that device since it is important for the come back.

          • Rce

            Maybe they’re hiding the details of high end one, so that they can make a last ball six in MWC..

          • Then they are doing the really good job which is quite impossible today. Hope HMD will have something bombastic for the MWC2017 (not in a sense of galaxy Note 7, ha ha).

          • Rce

            Ha ha Note 7 the legendary bomb :p

      • Rce

        Agree with your fact , but the leaked pictures device is going to be a low end phone,so I’m not expecting any innovation at that price bracket, instead I’ll prefer the Samsung approach in this process where innovation will be done at the high end level, and mid and low end ones will be more like Lumia 520-budget King with aggressive pricing..

  • gryldz


    • Well, it might be since the second photo shows the same panel without a Nokia logo and we know that logo is usually stamped before the protecting glass is added.
      On the other hand, there has been some previous info about this phone so we decided to push it.

  • I don’t like white bezels. Phones seem larger and worse-designed with white bezels. It’s nice to see the screen to disappear on a phone with black bezels like L920 or 1520.

    • Me neither. White bezels give the phone cheep looks since it appears to shrink the screen size.