Nokia’s Snake wasn’t the first mobile phone game?!


Who would think that mobile gaming would become a thing in the future? Almost everybody, I presume. But who would think that there was a game before Nokia’s legendary Snake? The answer to that question is just a few people, and every one that visited this blog. Back on 1997 Nokia introduced first game on her mobile phones and it was pixels chasing another pixels and big pixelated line getting bigger and bigger. Of course, I’m thinking of one and only Snake, that was probably the first game on mobile phones for many people in those days. First one I played back in 1998 on the Nokia 6110, if I’m right. Phone Arena revealed today that exactly 3 years before first Snake there was a Tetris game preloaded on to Danish Hagenuk MT-2000, one of the first phones that came with soft keys.

But even before Hagenuk, once respected company IBM, together with BellSouth created Simon Personal Communicator, what was later known as the first smartphone ever. The device was presented in late 1993 and it came later to the market with many features that classified it as smartphone, but also with a game called Scramble. The Scramble was some kind of puzzle game where you would have to move boxes around the screen.

So, the very popular Snake was probably the third game ever introduced to a mobile phone, but it was the best, and getting better with every version.