#Nokia brand still strong in #UAE: Holds 28% presence on all networks

Nokia 28 posto UAE

Telecommunications regulatory agency of the UAE published a report on the popularity of mobile phones, platforms and social networks for Q1 2016 (January 01 – March 30). The report is quite interesting because it shows that the Nokia brand is still strong in the UAE. The most popular phone used in UAE’s networks was the iPhone 6 with a share of 4.48%, followed by the Nokia 108 featurephone with a share of 2.92%. The third most used phone was the iPhone 5S, while the fourth place belonged to the Nokia 105.

The list of most popular phones in UAE:

  1. iPhone 6: 4.48%
  2. Nokia 108: 2.92%
  3. iPhone 5S: 2.39%
  4. Nokia 105/1050: 2.32%
  5. Samsung Galaxy J1/J100H: 1.81%

Even though Nokia’s brand isn’t present with any smartphones, the report shows how important featurephone business is for the brand, since it helped Nokia to become the second largest brand present in the UAE with really high share of 28% of all registered phones. First place belongs to Apple with 33% presence on the UAE’s networks, and third was Samsung with 14%. The UAE was always a stronghold for Nokia, so it wasn’t a surprise that Nokia held there its last Nokia World event at the end of 2013, where the Lumia 1520 and 2520 were announced.

Regarding platforms, Android is in the leading position, but it’s being followed by iOS, since the iPhone is the most popular smartphone there. Once strong Symbian is still present, but it is in constant decline. Maybe the UAE will once again become the stronghold for new Nokia branded feature and smart phones once Nokia and HMD announce new devices at the end of the 2016. Definitely, there is potential on the UAE market, but there are also lots of other promising markets, too.