Video: Check out what can Nokia 7 plus camera do (Christopher Westerholm)

Many think that new Nokia phones, at least those of better camera setup, can’t reach the camera quality that Nokia Lumia models used to have. Well, that might be partially true, but there are guys like Christopher Westerholm that will make you question your opinion regarding that. Christopher showed us numerous time how good the cameras of Nokia devices are. He demonstrated the camera quality of the mighty Nokia 808 PureView first, and later he showed us how can do wonders with the cameras of Lumia 920 and other Lumia phones.
When Nokia came back, he took the Nokia 8 and showed us how Finnish forests can be beautiful during winter. Now he took Nokia 7 plus and you will be astounded when you see what can its camera do.

Please do check out the videos below. He edited in Premiere Pro CC and graded in filmconvertto to make it look more cinematic. Video is shot in 4K and conformed from 30fps to 25fps in Premiere


How do you like it guys?


Thank you, Christopher, for reminding me to check your Youtube channel.