Nokia 9 Pureview announced in China. Preorders start on April 19

HMD held a small event in China where it officially announced Nokia 9 Pureview for that important market. Media representatives there had a chance to play with the device, and one of them showed an interesting demo of Nokia 9 PV’s electronically stabilized video shooting capabilities. Man, the device looks more like haunted than properly optimized, because I couldn’t see that kind of stabilization while shooting video with 9 PV during MWC2019 in Barcelona.

Check the video by following the link to official Nokia Weibo account.

The device will go on pre-orders on April 19 according to Nokia’s Weibo account. I couldn’t find the official price of the penta camera device there, but the lowest price on is ¥5499 which is around €725, or in other words, pretty high. The official price in Europe, and in the rest of the world, was about €649. Well, people there will have to give ¥500 more if they want a shiny new Samsung S10, so someone there (HMD or JD manager) thinks that €75 higher price than in EU is a good call. We’ll see.