Nokia Mobile offering 1-year replacement guarantee on Nokia 2.3, Nokia C1, and all feature phones in Nepal

Historically, Nokia was as famous in Nepal as it was in other countries. Well, it is still famous there but Nokia Mobile has a lot to cover in the Nepali market.

Last year, Ravi Kunwar, Regional Head – Asia Pacific, HMD Global said in an interview that the Nokia 105 is the best-selling feature phone in Nepal and the global market as well, with sales in the millions. He added that Nokia Mobile shares a very unique proposition for feature phones as they offer a replacement warranty, which means that they replace the feature phones with a new one instead of repairing it.

Midst the current situations, Nokia Mobile has already increased the warranty of the devices globally, which were due to expire between March 15, 2020, and May 15, 2020, by sixty days.

With a step forward in improving the after-sales service, Teletalk Pvt. Ltd., which is the official distributor of Nokia phones in Nepal, announced that Nokia Mobile is now offering a one-year replacement guarantee on all the Nokia feature phones. The one-year replacement guarantee is also available on Nokia C1 and Nokia 2.3 among the smartphones.

The offline sales in Nepal account for more than two-thirds of the overall sales. Thus, to maximize the reach of Nokia phones and to have a good connection with the consumers in the offline market and online market, Nokia Mobile works with Teletalk Pvt. Ltd.

Currently, Nokia Mobile sells the Nokia 105, Nokia 110, Nokia 150 (2016), Nokia 210, Nokia 3310, and Nokia 5310 as a part of its feature phone portfolio in Nepal.