Olympic or Nokia 9 Pureview finally found on Geekbench?

Nokia 9 Pureview is about to be announced, but the new info about this Penta-camera smartphone is hard to find. In a search frenzy, we stumbled upon a Geekbench result of the smartphone named Olympic. If that name sounds familiar to you, it is because HMD is using it for Nokia 9 Pureview, at least we think it is.

The GeekBench test was uploaded on December 31, 2018, and it shows that the device has Snapdragon 845 followed with 6 GB of RAM, and it runs Android 9 Pie.
The single-core score is pretty much the same as all the other devices with the 845 got, while the multi-core score is a bit lower than the average for the Snapdragon 845 smartphones. Bear in mind that the result is quite old and that the value can vary upon the configuration of the phone. It is possible that this score doesn’t represent the true one for whoever uploaded it, is probably just testing its possibilities.
Nokia 9 Pureview probably won’t be the fastest device on the smartphone market since new flagship models of competitors are coming with the Qualcomm’s latest chipset. This device will probably be able to quickly process all the info taken with 5 cameras without any stutter or you noticing it running slow. Well, a 5G model with Snapdragon 855 should come later this year according to some rumors so this one could turn out to be better for your pocket.

Update Nokia 9 Pureview under real name on Geekbench