Leak: Nokia Health to become HMD Health *April fools day joke*

*April fools day joke*

Nokia Health department, maybe isn’t profitable for Nokia, or maybe it doesn’t fit into Nokia’s B2B strategy, but product portfolio that comes out of this department can help Nokia spread the brand awareness. Nokia was always caring about its community and now it is not just connecting but also caring about it. Anyway, Nokia’s Board of directors can’t see the clear future of Health division in Nokia and they are reevaluating this business.

Back in Vienna event that HMD organized in the CEE region, I had a chance to chat with HMD’s CEO, Florian Seiche, and he said that one of their goals is to spread the marginality of their portfolio and accessories are going to play a significant role there. When asked about the possible connection between Nokia Health and HMD Global, he just told me to stay tuned.

Well, we just got an insider tip that kind of confirmed that HMD is going to continue Nokia Health’s business. Nokia health devices will continue to bear the Nokia name, but the production might be taken by HMD’s partners. The source didn’t specify the details about it, but it mentioned that everything will be known on April 12th when Nokia Health is holding an exclusive event in London. The same source has sent us a logo proposition of the future HMD’s department, and we found a page on LinkedIn that HMD created.

We contacted Nokia Technologies to verify the news, but we still didn’t get the answer. Hopefully, we’ll find out on a bit more in the next few days, or at least at the Nokia Health exclusive event in London.

So, it seems that we’ll still have a proper Nokia ecosystem, smartphones, watches, scales, apps. Really great news.


*April fools day joke, but hey it’s wishful alternative also :)*