Nokia 6 2018 2nd teaser out; Suning claims exclusivity

Chinese retailer Suning continues to tease about the soon launch of the new Nokia 6 (2018). After the retailer yesterday posted a teaser for the device that said “coming in 3 days”, today we have another one with the text “coming in 2 days”. Yesterday’s teaser was made of old Nokia phones, while the one for today consists of Nokia smartphones. As far as I can recognize, the smartphones are, from top to bottom: Nokia 7, Nokia Lumia 830, Nokia 5800XM, Nokia N97 and what seems to be a Nokia 5230 (or one of her many variations).

Suning didn’t stop there, but the retailer also released, via their official Weibo account, another teaser image where they claim the new Nokia 6 (they call the device the “new Nokia 6”) with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage will be an exclusive for their store. They also mention, what Google translates, “and Tesco” exclusive”. I’m not sure if this means the new 6 will be a Tesco exclusive as well in China (because I couldn’t find Tesco’s China webstore and articles from the net suggest they exited the market), or is it just a wrong translation?

The original Nokia 6 was a exclusive in China, while the 7 was available at, and Nokia’s own store, as part of the TMall webstore. This year, it could be that Suning will exclusively be selling the new Nokia 6. This is a familiar approach to HMD, and even though I prefer to have Nokia phones everywhere and at any price, if it works, maybe an exclusive deal is best for the sales of the device. China is an extremely competitive market, so HMD is very careful while making moves there.

If you are not familiar with the specifications and looks of the new Nokia 6, you can visit this article here. According to Suning’s teasers, Nokia 6 2018 will be announced in China on the 5th of January, in just 2 days. We are really excited for this device, because it seems to be a noticeable upgrade from the last year’s 6. Hopefully the price will stay the same. 🙂

As always, leave your thoughts in the comments down below. 🙂

Source: Suning Weibo

  • Stinger

    I’m really excited to see it. As you said, I hope the price stays the same.

    • Gerrard Jr

      if they upgrade a lot…a $10-$40 won’t hurt…
      that’s just my opinion

  • Manpreet Singh

    Very excited to see it but my only concern is battery hope they will go with atleast 3500mah during global launch

  • Manpreet Singh

    New teaser is available at nokiapoweruser website which is saying 1 day to go. Is it true??

    • Gerrard Jr

      possible…friday is tomorrow

    • Yep, legit. Tomorrow we should see the whole thing 😉

  • Muerte

    From the new image leaks… Seems like the bottom bezel will remain large as *


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  • xoxo oxo

    64GB 3/4GB in silver, multicolor led, fast charging IS A MUST ofc. I would leave the design it was perfect. This is why I didn’t buy still Nokia 8.