Check out HMD’s portable Nokia store near Milan

Back in the days, Nokia had quite a few “Nokia flagship stores”, especially in Europe. As the sales of phones took a dive, Nokia was forced to close their stores. In Milan, Italy, HMD did something interesting regarding phone retail. At Scalo Milano Outlet in Locate Triulzi near Milan, HMD set up a temporary outlet that sells the new Nokia phones.

As reports, this “temporary store” is a part of a series of activities HMD plans to conduct in Italy. The prices in the outlet are lower than in other stores, so if you somehow end up or live in or near Milan, you can check out Nokia Mobile’s store, before it disappears.

I find this idea of container stores quite interesting. It doesn’t require as much investment as a real retail store, but offers a great way of promoting the devices and getting closer to the customers. What do you think? 🙂