Leak: Nokia 9 TA-1005 “Avatar” passed FCC with some specs revealed

An unknown Nokia device under the model number TA-1005 passed the FCC certification process. The device in question is most likely the Nokia 9, HMD’s rumored “bezel-less” flagship. FCC certification process revealed few interesting things. First off, the device that was certified carried the name “Avatar”. After searching for “Avatar” in Geekbench database, I found a few recent entries that show a Snapdragon 835 running device with 6GB RAM and Android Oreo.

Additionally, FCC revealed some of the specifications of the device. Nokia 9 should allegedly come with a 5.5-inch LG-made OLED display, a 3250mAh battery made by SCUD, 13+12MP back camera, 5MP front camera, Snapdragon 835 and 128GB of storage.

I find the 5MP front camera a little strange, because Nokia 8 had a 13MP one, but as we know, camera is more than pixels. The battery is increased compared to Nokia 8, that has a decent battery life, so with a little bigger screen, the battery life of the 3250mAh battery should stay about the same as on the 8. Nokia 9 will come pre-loaded with Android 8 Oreo, powered by Snapdragon 835 and 6GB RAM. Rumors suggest that we should see the device next month, first in China and later at MWC18 for the whole world.

Source: FCC, Geekbench

via: Twitter

Thanks Dheeraj for the tip. 🙂

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Snapdragon 835? Didn’t the LG G6 fiasco show OEM manufacturers that for most Android shoppers and reviewers, specs matter? Didn’t the sales of the LG G6 show the OEMs that last year’s chipset will (negatively) effect sales?

    Is Nokia really letting HMD be so blind and stubborn ?

    An OLED screen? Although this is absolutely necessary, I feel indifferent to it… If I’m not wrong, LG makes something called Plastic OLED. I think this is inferior to the AMOLED that Samsung makes. Both in terms of battery efficiency and sun light visibility (due to brightness and nits). Yet again, I think the polarizing filter that Nokia uses will aid in this, but if the always on display is in, I’m not sure it will be as bright as most Samsung phones. Let alone, my AMOLED screen on my incredible Symbian powered Nokia 808.

    Other things I think will be purposely left out on a FLAGSHIP!

    No front flash facing flash, no huge 3450-3850 mAh battery (when the cheapest $100 Nokia 2 has a 4100 mAh battery), no Android 8.1 that brings in countless little improvements , and so on…

    Does it support wireless charging (for those who think this matters?)
    Does it have IP 68 water proofing?
    Does it have a headphone jack?
    Will it use dual firing speakers (like the Nokia 6)
    How big is the forehead and chin, compared to the flagships from the competition, namely , the galaxy s8 and the LG V30 (not to mention, the mid range phones from Huawei and LG and ZTE, etc).
    Will Nokia have its own damn apps? (Music player, calendar, calculator, themes, text messaging app, phone book, contacts, etc!)

    Again, this is a flagship, on a world stage! It is not just some mass produced phone that makes people happy until something better comes out. It’s supposed to be the best of the best! That means, push pause, pop in the Snapdragon 845, not 835, and release it when it’s ready to take on the best of the best.
    I hope Nokia realizes the way competition moves in this era, is a little different than it was a few years ago.

    I want the world to be shocked and blown away with the FLAGSHIP phone that Nokia is releasing / producing ! I don’t want a mediocre phone that has been around (from other manufacturers) for the passed 6-8 months.

    Really? Snapdragon 835???

    • The Galaxy S9 keeps the headphone jack. Hurts.

    • Rob Beijendorf

      Both LG and Samsung make plastic OLED’s.
      AMOLED is just “active-matrix organic light-emitting diode”, which all P-OLED’s are. Super-AMOLED is a trademark for the OLED Samsung makes.

      The phone also doesn’t need to be released with Android 8.1. If it comes with 8.0 it will have Treble, and we already know HMD are great at updating their devices. If you get 8.1 out of the box or after an update is inconsequential.

      And the 3.5 mm headphone port isn’t something that will stick around on mobile devices. USB-C and Bluetooth is far more versatile there. Not to mention that people that buy flagships usually use Bluetooth headphones anyway.

    • “I want the world to be shocked and blown away with the FLAGSHIP phone that Nokia is releasing / producing !”
      Lets first see what Nokia 9 is in reality. 🙂
      Really? Snapdragon 835???
      Isn’t it a Flagship processor? 🙂 LG V30+ launched in India for 700USD and I would assume Nokia 9 to be priced similarly. 🙂

      • Viccky Maurya

        Hahaha…. Those days have long gone….😆

        • You never know. Nokia Is good at giving surprises. 🙂
          I remember when I woke up on 8th Jan 2017 and found out Nokia 6 has been released. 😀 And I was actually dreaming about the Nokia phone being launched that same night. 😛
          No launch event, nothing. Just a plain Press Release.

          • Viccky Maurya

            And we again got a surprise when Nokia 6 become available in India by 23rd August…. 😆😂

  • LG OLED had some issue about consistency from top to bottom. Hope that wont be the case here

    128Gb On board storage is great but i think they’ll drop the sd card slot. Hope at least they’ll keep it Dual Sim

    Snapdragon 835….. Global launch MWC 18.

    Will end being LG G6 of 2018??

  • simo

    I’m sold. I just need it to come to the US on T-Mobile.

  • Viccky Maurya

    I think, they should launch Nokia 9 with SD835 on 19th Jan. And Nokia 9 with SD845 at MWC18.

    Though here is screenshots which show On Screen Buttons, means it could be bezel less… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/165268a19fb61b61945d72384be03705263f45d7ce9f164809741e9055d005ab.png

    • There’s no way (or a small possibility) that any non-Samsung phone will have Snap845 before April.
      Snap845 Nokia phones we can expect in H2 of 2018.
      The 9 looks suspiciously similar to the 8 (feature-wise), so I suspect that HMD is preparing a camera (or some other) surprise, because I don’t see the point of realising identical devices, unless the 9 will be available where Nokia 8 isn’t – China and US.

      • Rob Beijendorf

        HMD seemed to release their devices in China first to test the waters and see how the reception was, and what people want changed, and then release the modified version later globally. They may be doing that again this time around, though it certainly is a stretch.

        I’m also not convinced Samsung can or will hog all the SD845 chips for Q1 2018. They’re an evil corporation, but even they have limits to what they can do without invoking various global anti-trust commissions.

        • With the S835 it was that way. Let’s hope things will change this time.

  • Hemedans

    Also i see ufs 2.1, thats good.

    And another interesting thing i see is front camera manufacture is chicony, This company is responsible for many laptop webcam and windows hello face authentication, i have never seen it in mobile space. Could HMD implemet some kind of face authentication like iphone x?


  • Stinger

    I know the Nokia 8 needed the same camera front and back for the Dual Sight feature, but the Nokia 9 coming with a 5 MP front camera is strange. I’m eager to see how it performs. NHMD has a gifted way of making critics shut up.

    • Nokia 7 comes with 5MP front facing camera too and support Dual Sight. 🙂

  • raj071999

    I guess its the Nokia 8 (2018) edition. Because Nokia 9 in previous leaks had a 5.7 inch screen. Also its is possible that snapdragon 845 will be the chipset. They will also change the camera configuration from colour + mono to telephoto + wide angle (Nokia 5 orea beta ROM).