Qualcomm presented its new strongest mobile phone chipset, Snapdragon 845

Qualcomm presented its next flagship chipset, Snapdragon 845. We currently know that this chipset will be build using the same 10 nm technology as previous Snapdragon 835. The only difference that new chipset will bring are new processor cores and number of them.

The manufacturer of the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets is going to be Samsung. This probably means that Samsung will keep some of the chipsets for its next flagship phone. But, at the event, Xiaomi stated that its next flagship will also use Snapdragon 845 which is good news for all the other manufacturers, and HMD also, since obviously Samsung won’t hold the first series just for itself and hopefully we won’t be seeing another LG G6 scenario.

So, if HMD can get Snapdragon 845 for its Nokia 9, then maybe we will see this phone launched at the MWC2018.

All the specific details about the processor will be known in the next days.


  • next year, 2018., will be tough for HMD and Nokia brand. Huawei is getting better in camera area with each year and Xiaomi is ding the same Pure, Secure and up to date Android thing with great specs. So, each future step needs to be calculated well and hope that supposed Nokia 9 will come with all the best hardware and software options packed in a nice acceptable design.

    Even by doing this, Nokia has to keep its identity and not fall for main stream ideas but rather push its own story and goal.

    • We all accept it or not bezels are dying on every segment so that should be a good starting point.

      Cut the bezels short on each phone.
      Keep the headphone jack along.
      Moto X4 is IP68 so HMD should get it done on mid tier.

      Bring things that others are missing or removing.

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      Wow! That is something I would totally think of and then write on this site… I’m actually surprised you wrote that…

      But had I written it, it would have gotten ignored or it would have angered some. But I think you and I see the competition and see what Nokia needs to do in order to stay relevant, the foresight they need to have, and the absolute need to make as little mistakes as possible. Market share is extremely important.

      • Michael

        Dude you truly are a legend in your own mind. You couldn’t come up with something logical and well reasoned without coming off angry and petty if someone was paying you.

        What was written goes for any manufacturer but especially for Nokia/Hmd who has been pretty safe and conservative their FIRST year. In my opinion, they get a pass (wonder if they met their internal expectations because really thats what matters), but we need to see improvement on all Nokia/HMD fronts. For example, how long before we see true Nokia made health gadgets that are better and not just renamed Withings gadgets? When will we we see true industry leading camera technology based on the Zeiss partnership?

        My partner got a compliment on her Nokia 8. The other day. At a convenience store, the staff asked her what phone she had. They commented that it was really thin and beautiful. Seems HMD is doing design right when it stands out in a sea of Samsung, Appo, Huawei, etc phones.

        Enjoy your day/night EricTheLegend.

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          LMAO… 🙂
          I’m not being sarcastic or facetious either. Your first paragraph really made me laugh/chuckle! That was awesome buddy!

          And I honestly mean that in a good way. After working for close to ten hours, I came home and just read your comment and it rocked!

          Again, Mr. Michael, I’m sorry if my comments might sound rude or aggressive or even pessimistic. Due to my profession, I’ve become hyper critical towards things lately.

          I don’t mean to alienate myself or irriate anyone here. I’m being honest.

          Perhaps if you may, give me pointers on how I could be a better member to this site.

          For the record, I am a Nokia shareholder and have submitted several ideas to
          ” invent with Nokia ” over the years. I have supported them and bought their products since 1999. So… I am not a Nokia hater in any way, I just want them to be the best. The BEST!

          I hope to hear from you…

          • Michael

            Excellent! You took exactly the road I hoped you would take. Nice to see you have a sense of humor.

            Your constant negativity is surprising since I thought you said you were a healthcare professional. Given some of your thoughts you shared, I’m sure you understand the detrimental effects that continual negativity (in whatever form) can have on one’s physical and mental health. It’s especially easy to get sucked into that by spending time participating in forums. Personally, I see it everywhere and I’ve begun tuning out to news, Internet sites, etc.

            As far as Nokia Investing goes…I am semi-retired because of Nokia. I’m also thankful to still be working and may consider going back to work because of (the lack of/negative) Nokia performance (Thanks Siri). I’m sure Marin and Stipe will remember my rant about the CEO in Nov 2015 when he slow leaked really bad information over the course of a few weeks. I got over it, but he again with this last report is up to his old tricks (Glowing Q2 and a Q3 warning). I’ve actually transitioned quite a bit (not enough) of my Nokia to other much better performing stocks. “Never fall in love with a stock”. It’s a hard rule to live buy sometimes.

            Looking at the bigger picture, I understand the moves Nokia and HMD are making and willing to give them another year. I think it is certainly fair to point out mistakes and areas they can improve. Calm, rational discussion is always welcome.

            Off to watch some Jet Ski racing at the beach.

            Have a nice night Legend. 😉

    • Rob Beijendorf

      I’m not sure Xiaomi is using the “Pure, Secure and Up-to-Date” approach to Android. They have rather bloated MIUI, don’t they? Not to mention they’ve had some privacy issues, as has become rather common with Chinese manufacturers. They also don’t have the same extended software support as HMD is promising.

      I agree that the camera race has become a tough competition though. HMD has dropped the ball so far in the camera race, not really living up to the Nokia camera legacy. Let’s hope 2018 is the year to change that!

      • A1 has clean Android like Nokia devices

        • Rob Beijendorf

          Ah, yes. But that’s an Android One device (Xiaomi’s only Android One device), not one of their standard MIUI-devices.

          The A1 even a bit of an outlier to the Android One program, as Xiaomi wanted to handle the updates instead of handing it over to Google. It makes me a bit suspicious…

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