Beta version of Oreo being tested on Nokia 8

After all the benchmark tests that showed the Nokia 8 running Android 8 Oreo, here comes the first photo proof of that. Juho Sarvikas, the CPO of HMD posted a photo of a Nokia 8 getting the latest version of  Android 8, or Oreo. Juho got the beta version of the Oreo, and the update is pretty large, like the building where he stayed in Dubai. The beta version of Oreo has 1299 MB. Hopefully the OTA version will be smaller. Juho confirmed once again that all Nokia phones will get the Oreo update, but he didn’t mention when. It can’t be that long, now.



I must say that being the CPO of HMD is pretty dynamic. One day you are in London, the other day in Finland and third day you are updating your Nokia 8 in Dubai 😊.


  • Michael

    I updated my Huawei P9 plus from Android 6 to 7.0 recently. The update package was 2.2GB! I hadn’t updated in a while, so I also did a 800MB update and then the smaller August security update. It is still only 7.0 and August security update. One thing I noticed was they took a step back with their dual screen capability. It now works more like stock Android except the screen resize works. They tweaked their very good camera app as well (might be the best camera app I have used..powerful yet intuitive). They also added a choice where the user can have an app drawer. Huawei didn’t have that in 6.0, but a workaround is using another (Nova in my case) Launcher. Still use Nova on both our Huawei and Nokia 8 phones as I like the look and feel that it allows.

    Playing around with the cameras on both phones, the results are pretty close with the Nokia being just a bit better. What is very obvious is that, like, it take a bit of playing around to get the best results. Reviews talking about camera capabilities and using default setting is fine, since that is what most probably do, however, since photo quality is such a big talking point, All sites should also spend the time to get the very best from the camera. When they say the camera is bad at low light, or colors lack punch, or whatever, almost always there is a way to adjust and get a better result.

    That’s good news on Oreo running on 8. It’s a great marketing move going with stock Android and prompt updates as it keeps the Nokia name in the conversation on Internet sites on a regular basis.

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