Nokia 1.4 and 3.4 receiving December patch

Nokia 1.4 and Nokia 3.4 just started getting December security updates. The update is bringing just the standard security patches that Google is searching for daily and releasing to manufacturers on monthly basis. Google noted that “no critical security vulnerabilities affecting the Android platform were publicly disclosed without a security update or mitigation available for Android devices”.

The update for 1.4 is bringing 153 MB of patches while the update for 3.4 is lighter with just 21.77 MB of security patches. If you are a proud owner of Nokia 1.4 and/or Nokia 3.4 check your device and make it secure.

I have been playing recently with my son’s Nokia 3.4, and I must say that the device isn’t fluid as it used to be. It crashes often when not so particularly demanding games are being played on. There is also a problem with BT connection breaking quite often. Maybe that Snapdragon 460 is becoming tired of modern Android apps and processes.


Thanks h_1995 and the rest for the tip and screenshot! HO HO HO


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