#Nokia 8 costs £499 in the #UK; Delivery by 13th September, with free #Steel smartwatch

Recently we covered the story that the Nokia 8, in some markets, will come with a surprisingly lower price, than HMD announced. To be precise, the 8 will be available in UAE and Saudi Arabia for under €400, that’s significantly lower than the €600 announced price tag.

A surprise pricing happened in the United Kingdom, too. Historically, manufacturers would announce their device price in dollars, that would be converted in a 1:1:1 ratio in Euros and Pounds, that’s far from the real market ratio between these currencies.

In the UK, Nokia 8 will cost £499 or €549, that is lower than in the rest of Europe, and overall a surprising pricing, because prices of gadgets in the UK tend to be higher than in other countries of Europe. The Nokia 8 can be pre-orderd at Clove and Carphone Warehouse, both delivering the device around 13th September and offering it in Steel and Tempered Blue colors.

Carphone Warehouse additionally offers the Nokia Steel watch worth £120 (€129) if you buy the Nokia 8 on a pay monthly or upgrade contract or SIM free. “Just select the pay monthly deal that’s right for you and you’ll see the watch in your basket, alternatively if you purchase SIM free the watch will not appear in your basket but it will be sent to you once your handset has been delivered,” says the retailer.

I think it is a great way for both Nokia Technologies and HMD Global to sell their devices bundled, and it is always nice to see a lower than expected price. Hopefully this trend will continue on other markets as well.


Clove.co.uk (Nokia 8)

CarphoneWarehouse.com (Nokia 8 + Steel Watch)


  • Maybe HMD realized that they didn’t get the pricing right on first announcement.

    $700 Nokia 8
    $749 LG V30 (Expected price)

    And I think V30 seems more “CONTENT CREATOR” device..

    So, it’s great they are quick on pricing the phone according to the market & keeping an eye on competition around.

    • It’s just the V30 could be priced $750 in the US, which means €750 in Europe and probably rest of the world.

      • Didn’t know about that pricing in Europe but in $ with direct conversion, this one time V30 seems better option..
        Also, both devices are kinda aimed at “Content Creators”

        V30 surely have an edge on N8
        But if it’s the price in UK like you said.. I guess Nokia 9 will be the candidate that should be compared to it & enjoy N8 as it is(N8 is a great phone too)

        • Yeah, they don’t calculate tax into the US price, and usually it’s cheaper compared to EU & UK.

  • Stinger

    This is great news! HMD is kicking ass this time around.

  • These new Nokia phones have a one major problem in their designs. NOKIA logo at the front is not visible. I saw many videos and in every video of every Nokia smartphone the logo is too dim. It isn’t like on the Lumia phones or the old Nokia phones. The NOKIA name should be clearly visible.

    • Stinger

      That’s a good point! I hadn’t thought of that.

      Maybe the “NOKIA” should be lit. Similar to what Apple did with their laptops.

      • Not lit. plz. It will use more battery LOL. OR maybe they can use some material that glows in the dark and is also more visible during the day compared to the current logo. 😀 Just make it more visible and brighter.

        • The material used in wristwatch
          time – hands that just gets visible as the surroundings go dark.
          Forgot the material name.

          But it fills the purpose of not being lit but just hint of being there & stays normal when light is around.
          Nor being tough on battery(don’t know if it even needs battery)

          • I think phosphorus is the material. It’s a must on standard clocks to see the time in the dark.

          • RADIUM?

          • Phosphorus is being used for that. I wondered why Nokia didnt use it for the Steel

        • Stinger

          ha ha ha..I don’t mean brightly lit. More like a glow. It wouldn’t use up much battery at all. If any.

    • Deep Shekhar

      Please tweet this to Mr.Juho Sarvikas as our feedback matters the most.

    • Martin Čimbura

      I think the Nokia logo is (not) visible like on the last Nokia branded Lumias (930,830).

      • Like a crazy, I’m watching the logos on the 6 and 830 from all angles and don’t see much difference, maybe a little more brighter is the one on the 830. Though, I have bad sight. But it’s much much more visible on the Lumia 800 or 720, so you’re right. Never paid much attention to it.

        • They have made logo on Lumia’s with white(bright grey) color. The old logos at front were made with silver color. remember?:)

  • Deep Shekhar

    Hopefully we can get the aggressive pricing of $463 similar to the pricing in UAE in Indian Market too. Indian Market is price sensitive market that’s why Chinese OEMs like Xiaomi,Oppo,Vivo, Gionee and OnePlus are dominating the market. Nokia is a uniquely loved brand but these chinese OEM’s have made the Android game, a spec war so people now only care about specs. For Nokia ,to gain back the trust in Indian consumers have to use aggressive pricing making Nokia8 either the same price or cheaper than OP5 to let users to switch and get more millennials’ attention to this old iconic Nokia brand.

    P.S- great work Nokiamob specially @stipe1906:disqus ,as we get all the important stuff about Nokia in a single stop. Thank You 🙂

    • Hope that, too. You’re welcome, and thank you for being here 😀

  • Maybe it’s HMD/Nokia return
    We can now see LENOVO going stock for all series phones (Moto + all other)
    Xiaomi reportedly coming with Android one device soon.. maybe on September 5

    Getting heat up.. ☺

    Random thoughts

    If all brands decide to do the stock game?(Not likely gonna happen though)

    How will market react to that would be interesting..

    • Nokia will/should change to Custom UI 🙂

      • I prefer stock android feel
        Basically the OnePlus approach

        • OP isn’t stock android. They have done a lot of customisations.

          • I said the approach of OnePlus is what I like
            Giving it stock android feel + adding the customisation & features

  • @stipe1906:disqus What if Nokia brings 3 cameras at back on Nokia 9 😀 All three with. OIS Color, Mono, Telephoto(lossless zoom) lenses. Does future SD processor support this? Any info? haha…

    • I was thinking about that. Nokia after all, already patented the triple camera system (http://nokiamob.net/2016/10/07/nokia-patents-triple-camera-system/) Snapdragon 835 doesn’t support it, but they can make a custom ISP for the third camera. Or maybe make it so that you cannot use all camera at the same time, because it would be troubling to put together the mono image and the wide-lens image. Who knows, if they managed to make an ISP powerful enough on the 808 in 2012, then they can make wonders again. But first playing safe they need to ensure marketshare and financial stability. Experimenting comes later, IMO.

      • I first wrote Wide but i thought telephoto is more useful than wide so I edited 🙂