Another version of the Nokia 2 (TA-1035) has passed the FCC testing

Another version of the Nokia 2, probably the cheapest Android running Nokia smartphone has just passed the FCC certification. Last time it was the TA-1029 that came out from the testing laboratories, and now it was TA-1035. From the test report that is available officially at the FCC pages we didn’t find out anything new. The dimensions of the device are the same according to the schematics and the device will support many bands, and LTE bands also.

Nokia 2 Antenna placement

The images of the Nokia 2 in the development phase leaked recently, so we are acquainted with the probable shape of the device. Additionally, some basic specifications have leaked so we know that the device could have a 4.5-inch 720p display, 8MP back and 5 MP front camera, 8 GB of internal storage, Snapdragon 212 coupled with just 1 GB of RAM.


One thing we don’t know is when the device will be announced, but considering the appearances of FCC testing, we could see it this month together with Nokia 8, or at the Berlin IFA which is going to be held next month.


  • Michael

    Just been doing some research on “Android Go”. It’s really not all that mysterious now that I have read this few-months-old, but very informative article:

    So, the Nokia 2 will ship with “Android Go”. i.e. stock Android O built with optimizations and lightweight versions of Google apps as well as, I’m sure version from 3rd parties that are making lightweight versions.

    They really are going to cover all the bases and looks to get people loving and growing the Nokia brand from the lower levels.

    Now..execution and marketing!

    • The only thing that doesn’t fit (by my understanding) is the release date. Android Go is expected to be available early next year, while we heard a lot about Nokia 2 that is probably coming this year. Maybe the release frame for Go was moved.

      • Michael

        Everything I’m seeing is that Android O is being released pretty soon. This year for sure. They just released the final developer preview. Android Go *is* Android O just with certain optimizations (that anyone can set) and with optimized Google Apps (ready now) .

        Android Go is specifically for phones with 1GB RAM and less and Nokia 2 fits that parameter. Bet Nokia has been working closely with Google on this and will be ready to go. Honestly…seems like a no-brainer to me. Can’t see how it can be any other way.

        • I agree with that, and almost all fits, but AA says Google is targeting 2018 for Go release. Maybe things changed from IO when it was announced

          • Michael

            Hmmm… You are right, I see that and I see elsewhere that release timeframes supposedly was confirmed in the keynote.

            *If* that is true, then the only logical conclusion is Nokia 2 released when Android Go is available. Can’t imagine any other scenario that makes sense.

            It *is* August, and 2018 is less than 5 months away (*cough Nokia 3,5,6 *cough*) 🙂

          • Hope that last won’t be the case with 2 🙂

          • Michael

            I will be….evasive… I will say that I hope HMD makes the correct choice. 😛