HMD will introduce new #Nokia phones on August 16th in London

The Verge reports that HMD Global sent out invites for an event scheduled for the 16th August in London at 7:30pm local time. The exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand will use this event to announce new devices, probably the expected flagship Nokia 8, that we saw on renders and real-life pictures leaked in the last few weeks.

Nokia 8 is rumored to come with Snapdragon 835 and 4GB RAM, but the biggest news is that the phone will use ZEISS branded lens on its dual-camera setup. HMD is also working on Nokia 2, 7 and 9, per the rumors. The 2 should be a very affordable Android device, priced below Nokia 3 (€139). We received a tip about the 7 some time ago saying that it should come with ZEISS lens and Snapdragon 630 or 660. About Nokia 9 the rumors mention Snapdragon 835, up to 8GB of RAM, IP68, edge to edge display, and a ZEISS-branded camera.

NokiaMob is still waiting for its invite, but nevertheless, we will of course be covering all the announcements HMD has in plan on the 16th of August.

  • SK

    uninteresting design though. 🙁 I wish at least their flagship look different.
    OR they change that wallpaper so that phone looks different -_-

  • wasim khan

    Very well said sir this design is not wardy of flagship

  • I think all phones will be launched in August 16th because Nokia is holding their own event. 😊
    They might launch it but might also showcase them at IFA.

    • Rocky

      Maybe Nokia 9 for IFA, and this event for Nokia 8 and Nokia 2

  • apamau

    After looking at all the leak, i don’t think that’s so much diff from any other flagship, i believe samsung note 8 will eat them as breakfast. Samsung is the new Nokia.
    I am not sure what other camera tech any company can come up which will fascinate anyone, 12-13mp with dual camera.. nothing much you can do except maybe a slightly clearer, slightly better at night that’s all for now for nearly all flagship.

    • For quite some time there is not much innovation in the phone market. The S8 is a step forward in terms of a more futuristic design, but the phone is fragile. In my opinion, the most important thing for a flagship phone is to be without compromises. Meaning having good components, the latest SoC, headphone jack and expandable memory. Such devices will sell well, and I think Nokia 8 will too, especially with a strong camera brand like ZEISS that will help to differentiate. It won’t probably be the best or the most sold device, but, per leaks, it seems like a good deal. If they menage to bring it quickly on the market.

      • I am excited for their 2018 lineup 😀 hehe

        • Hemedans

          I do remember lumia 925 hate when it first leak, but it turn out to be best looking lumia.

        • Next zear models will be something special.

    • Hemedans

      They should beat nokia 808 and lumia 1020 first before even considered as new Nokia. Every time steve from AAS/AAWP do camera comparison, and all time these android flagships fail to beat 808/1020.

      Probably Nokia 8 will be like lumia 820, less innovation, more specs and affordable price, while nokia 9 will be like lumia 920 with all innovations.

    • Nokia 8 isn’t something special, well it is the first Nokia flagship, but the sole purpose of this mobile phone is to be present in the upper segment. Nokia 9 will be the one to make a difference. But when you mention Samsung, SGS8 isn’t something special neither… Xiaomi Mi Mix is more inovative phone with better technology under the bezeless screen. SGS8 just brings new screen format and LG did it a month before with its G6.

  • wasim khan

    30k is the good pricing for this product

  • Rocky
    • Yep, the invitations are already being sent to the media. Thx

  • Note 8 Launches on August 23. We won’t see Nokia 9 in this event. They will announce it after note 8 to get more attention 😀