Rumors: #Nokia 2 appeared on #Geekbench with Snapdragon 212 and 1GB RAM

We recently heard about a possibility that HMD is working on a more affordable device than the Nokia 3. The device allegedly carries the name Nokia 2, and speculations about the specifications and the design, in the form of a sketch, appeared on the internet.

Searching for “Unknown Heart” in the Geekbench database, we found a device with Android 7.1.1, Snapdragon 212 and 1GB RAM. For those who don’t know, unannounced HMD devices appear in databases of various benchmark apps as “Unknown Heart“. Considering the recent rumors, the discovered entry could be from the upcoming Nokia 2.

To be honest, I don’t think an Android device with 1GB will be usable, considering how much resources Android needs. With every new version of Android, Google promises significant improvement in performance for low end Devices, but the sole fact that the promise is ever repeating speaks for itself.

I really hope, either this is a prototype that won’t see with this much RAM the light of the day, or the Nokia 2 will really be good optimised and very cheap, maybe in the price range of Nokia 3310 (2017).

Source: Geekbench

  • Not in the price range of Nokia 3310. It will be double the price of Nokia 3310 πŸ™‚

    • Well, an Android device with 1GB RAM is quite unusable. Could it be an Android One device?

      • It might be. They keep saying about their close partnership with google. πŸ˜›
        But if that is a 1GB RAM device than it will cost less than $100.
        I think they want to compete with Samsung’s J2 LOL

        • Michael

          As I see it, here is the problem with going to Sailfish.

          Besides the overall content, it is this point:
          mentioned before, we cannot ensure 100% compatibility of Android apps
          with Sailfish OS. It is also possible that certain features of Android
          applications are not supported.”

          That is just not going to fly with the majority of non-tech savvy users and those that are now bored fiddling with their phones. They just want something that works with support from a big company.

          Given no compatibility issues and full access to a robust app collection and no delay in bringing product to market, I really don’t care too much which flavor of Linux OS I’m using. Maybe I’m missing something and happy to understand what I’m missing.

          • Apps should not be a problem in ultra cheap category. If they increase the market share for Sailfish many developers will make an app fr them. If not the big ones at least some small developers will help. πŸ™‚ Sailfish as a community is strong πŸ™‚

          • Michael

            My point is if you can’t guarantee apps from the big guys will work flawlessly and have their backing of support to the OS you are using then you have majorly done more harm than good. “Should not be a problem”. Man, if that isn’t a recipe for disaster. I’ll bet that’s what some higher up at Morton-Thiokol told NASA about running their O-rings on the Space Shuttle booster rockets in freezing temps back in 2003.

            I don’t like Google or Android (another Linux OS), but it has the support an support is what Nokia needs right now.

          • You are correct. But I would still prefer a Sailfish OS at that price range over a Lagdroid πŸ˜›

          • Nokia12

            Android GO is the answer .. apps will always be a big problem , because there are Chinese manufacturers that will give more specs at Nokia 2’s price point with 2gb ram quad core that is enough to run android smooth enough for basic usage and people will flock to them and rather have that than a Salifish OS kind of deal where some apps will work some not , same story like Tizen OS with samsung Z phones.. it will end up nowhere.. unless you bring it to feature phone price category which cannot happen ..

            Android GO is the perfect answer and makes any other OS irrelevant now.. smooth OS + optimised apps on low end specs

      • Nokia12

        not android one but Android Go .. android optimised for phones with 1gb ram or less .. but it will be available only with android O .. so if nokia is planning this device with 1 gb i hope they directly ship it with android O go mode.. and not release it earlier than that otherwise the experience will be bad with Nougat on 1 gb ..

  • Deep Shekhar

    I don’t get this point that Hmd/Nokia have so much investment in market to see what their competitors offering and what consumers are loving..then also they offered SD430 an outdated chip and mediatek processor(though they say optimisation and all…but we all know that powerful processor is a must to handle daily operations without hiccups ) and the result is poor performance of that device and poor reviews from the reviewers. And also with mediatek they are facing problems in Bringing regular updates to Nokia 3……………

    And then also they’re not stopping the blunder there and carrying ahead with Snapdragon 212 and 1Gb ram….God oh God!!!!

    I like the chinese OEMs like Xiaomi..with the fact that they offer what consumers want without making their wallets lighter and offer quality too…They’ll flourish and make better products in future and I hope ultimately we consumers are benefitted no matter it comes from Nokia or any other company

    • I agree with your points, but maybe, for most vendors, that doesn’t work. Samsung and Huawei are only vendors that make money, and maybe HMD will invest more in support networks, design, build quality and less in pure specification, but I want both πŸ™‚

    • Hemedans

      Agreed sd410 should be minimum for low end, but one thing you should know xiaomi and other oems who made best low end phones are not present worldwide.

      For example where am from sub $100 phones sometimes dont even have 1GB ram, phone like galaxy J1 (2015 version) and huawei cheap phones.

      I think price is factor here, if they can price it below $100 then it will sell

      • I don’t know about the pricing in other countries but i am sure that Nokia 2 will cost around $100 in India. Nokia 3 is priced at 147 usd so i think it will be priced around $100.

      • Deep Shekhar

        Yes but they should redefine the category with features which sets them apart from the crowd like 4g connectivity coupled with Android Pay…with decent performance and robust build

        Remember Nokia Lumia 520 was the best seller world wide in the entry level before Moto G came to swipe up the market.

        Now android Go will help to upgrade the feature phone business to smartphones and Nokia should take the best of this opportunity.

        • Hemedans

          All sd 200 series has 4G connectivity, so no problem here.

          They need to include 16gb or more internal storage, average consumer hate low storage warning.

          Also big battery, current lineup are average in this issue.

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