Rumors: #Nokia 2, 7, 8 and 9 processors leaked

From China with love comes again a leak about the upcoming Nokia devices, or to be more specific about Nokia 2, 7, 8 and 9. As always, there is no way to know if the shared info is correct, but NokiaPowerUser claims that it may be corrected because sources indicate that way. It’s interesting that the Nokia 2 is mentioned, which means, if the story is correct, HMD is really working on a device more affordable than the Nokia 3.

The Nokia 2 is rumored to come with a Snapdragon 212 processor or an equivalent MediaTek processor. HMD is still thinking about which processor to include, because of the problems they have with Nokia 3 that runs on MediaTek’s MT6737.

Midrange Android smartphone Nokia 7 should come with Snapdragon 630, while the Nokia 8 could end up with Snapdragon 660 platform. The flagship Nokia 9 will use Snapdragon 835, claims a user familiar with HMD on Baidu.

Nokia 2 – Snapdragon 212 or MediaTek
Nokia 3 – MediaTek MT6737
Nokia 5 – Snapdragon 430
Nokia 6 – Snapdragon 430
Nokia 7 – Snapdragon 630
Nokia 8 – Snapdragon 660
Nokia 9 – Snapdragon 835

The information about the alleged processors of Nokia 7, 8 and 9 fit the previous info about those devices that appeared in the Geekbench database. It’s unknown when the mentioned Devices will be announced, but HMD already said that they will introduce a whole lineup of Nokia smartphones by the end of this year.

Thank you LoveNokia for the tip 🙂

Source: Baidu / Via: NPU

  • Stipe is on a holiday today I think 😛

  • They will use same processor of Nokia 3 as it will be much better than SD212 🙂

    • Viccky Maurya

      Why doesn’t HMD partner with Intel for smartphones processors??

      • Intel exited the mobile market and shut down its mobile (smartphone) processor unit 🙂

        • haha

        • Viccky Maurya

          Any other processor company?? Which can create differantiation.

          • I don’t think any such company exists which can compete with SD.

          • Viccky Maurya

            This is the problem. There is no competition in Processors.🙁

          • Does SD make bad processors?

          • Is this a rhetorical question? Qualcomm makes great processors and just some of the best ones tend to overheat 🙂

          • Or maybe the OEM fails to do the proper thermal setup for heat dispersion.

          • That is not excluded, but when it happens to almost everyone in the business then it is rather peculiar, isn’t it? But, processors were over used and to get better performances… maybe they weren’t adequate for the job

          • Agreed!

          • Viccky Maurya

            No, Qualcomm makes the best processors for android but I dont like monopoly.

          • Samsung and Huawei have their SoC, but only for their phones.

      • I am shocked 😛

      • Muerte

        Well, there has been this rumour about Xiaomi…

    • Abhimanyu Chauhan

      They won’t use mediatek.still mediatek 6737 don’t support 7.1.1.they should go for snapdragon. There is no problem in snapdragon processor 212.but android is biggest mess it with symbian or Windows who don’t need enough also working on lighter version of Android. If nokia 2 comes up with 212 and lighter android would be good imo

      • Hemedans

        Why not use sd 410? Its better than both sd212 and that mediatek, also sd410 has a lot of support, many great low end like moto E 2nd gen and galaxy j5 used it.

  • As if this was too hard to guess.