Unboxing of the Nokia 6 (TA-1000)

Exactly 5 months after HMD first announced the Nokia 6 in China, and about 3 months after the global announcement, a Nokia 6 unit found its way in our hands. In contrast to the 3310 that we received from HMD’s local PR, the Nokia 6 was imported from China and carries the model number TA-1000, but with installed Google Play services. In the first few hours with the device, Nokia 6 has left a positive impression on us.

Nokia 6 is HMD’s first Nokia-branded smartphone powered by Android 7.1.1 OS. The device consists of a series 6000 aluminum unibody, with a polarized 5.5-inch FullHD display on the front. Basic specifications additionally include Snapdragon 430, 4GB RAM (the global has 3GB), 3000mAh battery and a 16MP rear camera.

The box of the 6 isn’t the standard “blue” Nokia box, but reminds us of the box of newer Lumia devices. On the front we have the picture of the device in the chosen color with the iconic Nokia handshake done in a modern way. On the side of the box we have the name of the device and a cute little Android logo, both in the color of the device, in this case silver. On the back of the box we can find the specifications, and apart from the already mentioned basic specs above, we can add 32GB internal memory, Dolby Atmos support and support for a lot, if not all, LTE frequencies in the world.

After ripping the Nokia sticker and opening the box, we stop for a moment and are face to face with a large black surface on which the polarized screen fits seamlessly with the bezel, even though it’s IPS LCD. The aluminum frame completes the picture of the beautiful device. After removing the device we can see the SIM/MicroSD card tray key and user guides, while the WH-108 headphones, MicroUSB2.0 cable and wall apart have a separate box left of the device.

That’s mostly all about the unboxing. The packaging overall is compact, being only a little longer than the device, and about 1,5 times wider. It’s the Chinese TA-1000 version after all, so the global version may come with a different box.

The 6 feels sturdy and premium in the hand, and it’s impressive on first look. You’ll notice how sturdy the device is when you casually “throw” it on a table, and then get scared not the break the table. That happened to me today with a glass one, so be careful :). When the first official photos of the 6 were published, the device didn’t look special or impressive, in terms of the design. But the tables turn when you see it in real life. It’s easy to notice that the device was really carefully designed, with every design element having its purpose, or as HMD (and before Nokia) likes to say: “Leaving only the essential.”

All in all, the 6 made really good first impressions and we eagerly wait how it will perform in coming days and weeks. It’s good to repeat again that this is the China version that has some hardware differences compared to the global one, so we will focus more on build quality, screen and other aspects that the Devices (global variant and China variant) share, and hopefully when the global review unit arrives this month, we will go really in-depth about the device.

If you have any questions or suggestions, leave it down below in the comments. 🙂 (No crash tests, please :))



  • TiM

    How do you get the Google-apps into TA-1000?

    • I guess the reseller somehow installed it. Don’t know how.

      • They probably flashed Google Play on it. Or it is HK version of the device where GP can be installed.

  • Paulo Ferreira

    Everything in this return seems so forced.

    • Long time has passed since the last Nokia smartphone, nor ethan two years, and it is normal to have suspense when great logo is coming back. Trust me, on this blog nothing is forced, but Nokia smartphones should be forced a little bit more to finally arrive to the market. It is already taking a lot of time for the get moving

      • Paulo Ferreira

        Don’t get me wrong, I have a 735 and waiting for a Nokia 6, and that’s the problem. Still waiting….,and it becomes weird, a phone launched six months ago still in limbo?

        • I didn’t get you wrong, I agree with you. Nokia 6 was launched 3 months ago and it is already taking a lot of time to arrive globally.
          By the end of June you should be able to buy a Nokia 6 in your country. I am waiting for one too.

          • Paulo Ferreira

            Seems that Europe isn’t the priority,this new Nokia is much oriental, but I have to agree that in Asia there are much more hype, so, Croatia and Portugal will may come after Bangladesh and SiriLanka.

          • Well, HMD lauched new Nokia phones in Finland where all
            three will be available in the next week or so.
            they also said that the phones will be released globally on a same day. Croatia definitely won’t see them first 🙂

          • Paralith

            Nokia 3 on 13th, 5 and 6 on 20th in Finland

          • All countries will get them buy the end of June. 🙂 Europe too is an important market for them. 🙂

          • Paulo Ferreira

            Do you really believe that they are stockpiling a huge quantity of phones to release all at same time?

          • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

            Paulo, se é de Portugal convido-o a tomar parte no nosso grupo de discussão no Facebook: Fórum Nokia Portugal

        • They are launching the phone in every country at once. So it took time IMO. Also they are starting fresh so lets give them time 😊

  • Viccky maurya

    Hmd should have installed Nokia Pure Font in new Android series….

  • Hey,Stipe.😊 My Nokia X2-00 is working now. But he installed the Firmware of some other country. 😞

    • Does it work well?

      • Yes it works as new. But the languages are completely different except for English. 😛
        Deutsch, Slovencina, Slovenscina, Srpski, Magyar, Cestina, Hrvatski, MaK01eAoH, Bosanski, Shqip. I think some are European and some are Russian languages. 🙂

  • This Nokia 6 belongs to whom?? I mean did Stipe order it or does it belong to Marin? Ownership Rights 😜

    • It’s mine. Yes, I know. I did the opposite i advise and said I’ll do. But couldn’t wait 🙂 i want it since I first saw the silver leaks in December 🙂

      • And you kept saying you like it more in Bronze. You are a hidden warrior 😛 WOW man you got best of the best 🙂 I feel afraid of ordering from other countries. LOL Did you get warranty on it in your country?

        • Hehe, thanks, but don’t order it. Wait. This is TA-1000 with TA-1003 ROM and i don’t know how will updates be delivered to this phone because there is no update option in the settings. We contacted HMDbfor that matter. 🙂 And yes, 2 years warranty

          • Worldwide warranty?
            Out of China it has Google Play installed with 4GB+64GB. I think in Taiwan. Right?

          • Sorry, I replied to myself. It’s China with Taiwan TA-1003 ROM but updates are disabled

          • Y didn’t you order from Taiwan then? Any difference?
            Right now i feel like we are chatting on some IM 😛

          • Hehe, we can continue on Twitter. Because the reseller was offering 2 years of warranty and said GPlay was on. I thought it was 1003 but know I see it’s 1000 with the 1003 ROM

          • Did you get the latest security build about which you guys made an article?

          • No. I’m on April security update and can’t find a way to update, yet.

          • Oops that’s a problem now. Hope you find a way soon 🙂 The Taiwan variant has 4gigs of RAM too??

          • Yes

          • They started advertisements of new Nokia 3310 in India. I saw just now while i opened phonearena 🙂
            Here it is 🙂

          • They started advertisements of new Nokia 3310 in India. I saw just now while i opened phonearena 🙂
            Here it is 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/874abd2564f29d1438e4e18a2b7f02ed598530ac36a50debd59dde27f96724d4.png

          • HMD said that TA-1000 never had the phone update option, and that next update will be delivered automatically, when ready.

          • Support app shows it’s valid, and the reseller also. 🙂