#Nokia 3, 5 and 6 will get #Android O (Android 8)

TechRader exclusively reports that an HMD spokesperson told them that Nokia 3, 5 and 6 will receive the Android 8 or Android O update once the update is available. The spokesperson couldn’t say the precise date of the update availability, but knowing that HMD uses “Pure” Android, it should happen soon after Google sends the final version out, and that’s scheduled to happen in Q3 this year.

It’s good to note that manufacturers sometimes need few months to optimize a new version of Android for their devices, but it is also good to know that the now Nougat-running 3, 5 and 6 will get the newest Android eventually. All we need now is the devices themselves, that should finally launch this month.

If you are interested in what features Android O brings, take a look at this great article also from TechRader describing all announced changes.

Source: TechRader

  • Google also said the Android O is optimized to run smooth even on 512MB of RAM. This will further improve the user experience on new Nokia devices i think. 🙂 This also means Nokia 7,8 and 9 will come with Android O OUT OF THE BOX :d

    • Maybe. But all benchmark logs, including the 26 new ones of Nokia 9, say Android 7.1.1

      • it must be because its under development. 🙂 HMD has always said that these devices will get the latest Android updates. And, after Android O is available why would they launch a flagship running on an older version of android. They have to differentiate themselves from the rest and this is the best chance. 🙂
        Only time will tell 🙂
        BTW the so called major retailer in India said me that Nokia 3310 will be available from June 25th 😛 and when i asked them about the smartphones they say. “We haven’t yet got the phone that has been launched. Only god knows when we will see smartphones in stores.” 😛

      • If HMD is planing to release Nokia 9 in a month, it is to early to put Android O on her.

        • 1 month is too early for Nokia 9. This will affect the sales of Nokka 6. 😊

          • Will the Nokia 6 compete with Nokia 9? I guess not. Flagship vs a mid ranger.

          • No, they wont but focus will be transferred of the Nokia 6.
            It would bw completely different if Nokia 6 came after the supposed Nokia 9.

          • The kind of announcement vs availability gap that HMD is doing is already killing it. If they cannot bring the device to the market while it is hot, then there is no point bringing it at all. They announce shit, media covers it, reviews it and then when everybody is on the verge of forgetting it, they start bringing it to the market.

            At a time when even baby companies like OnePlus managed to bring their devices to the shelves within days after launch, this big fish Nokia is still playing the old game. Announce now, sell it 6 months later.

          • Those baby companies are always Out Of Stock on the same day and are available online only. What about the availability? What’s the use of launching the phone when they don’t have enough stock. This is just to get attention. Out of stock in just 2secs. LOL they just have few hundreds of phones for sale on that day and media brags about it so they get lot of publicity and consumers like you go and brag about their early launches every where. Its not SIX Months. Its just 4 🙂 Feb(last day), March, April, May, June(Just 5 days).

          • 1. OnePlus does not hold flash sales. Sold out in seconds type marketing isn’t followed by that company.
            2. Nokia 3310’s stocks in India are doing the same shit as well. A few units come, sold out and then wait. At least in Xiaomi’s case, you know when the next flash sale is happening. Nothing like that here.
            3. I see that all you’re taking about is Xiaomi’s flash sale. So, don’t forget that they are selling in all of India. So even if they were a few thousands (which they actually are), they’ll sell off soon. And, if all of that were fake, Xiaomi wouldn’t be standing at the $1 Billion revenue figure.
            4. I’m not bragging about anything. All of the modern technology companies are managing their supply chain well. They announce something and it is immediately available for purchase. If not, then a few weeks. 4 months is a long long figure. I was hoping that you’ll get an idea of what I was trying to say. But your reply is just what anybody would expect from a typical fanboy. Accept where they have issues, I guess that’s the only way companies will see that there are issues.

            Tell me which other company (whether big or small) do you see which keeps this much of a gap between announcement and availability.

          • 1. But they are Out Of Stock when the new product is launched.
            2. Nokia 3310 is available in Offline Market and not online. And its available almost everywhere in the world. It is out of stock due to real demand.
            3. If i am buying a product of a particular company then I should get it when i want it unlike Xiaomi, which even after 4-5 months operated flash sales and the products are sold out in 1 sec (I’ve experienced these shit flash sales recently). These companies trap you. If you don’t get it this week you try it next week and this keeps a consumer from moving to a different brand. And this is the worst for consumers.
            4. I agree that the wait should have not been so long. 😛 But, HMD Global is a new company. They have to make new relation in every market they will sell their products. Its not just make and sell. They have to start new ties with dealers, operators and many more things that go within. We just talk here from the consumers point of view. But notice one thing. All Nokia smartphones are launching at almost same time across the globe. 🙂
            Xiaomi products are launched in India after months of their launch in China. So consider that too. They are not making it available across the globe at the same time. They are not even available in most of the countries i west unlike Nokia.
            Yes, I might look like a Typical Fanboy. I am a Nokia Fan. But remember, No other company in this world has the quality Fans that Nokia has. Nokia is not just a Company its like a Community. If there is something wrong then we Nokia Fans speak of the wrong things. Nokia listens to their Fans unlike the rest and that’s the reason they are back. This is FAN Power. 🙂
            Don’t have a feeling that i am arguing or something. I am just posting my thuoghts you are just posting yours. And, that’s who comments section works. Right? 🙂

          • People who wanted to buy a Nokia flagship will have to buy a Nokia 6 as of now. And this will create a lot of sales for Nokia 6. But if Nokia 9 comes now then many people will just wait for the Nokia 9 and cancel their plans to buy Nokia 6. 🙂

          • Is that legit? The Nokia 6 doesn’t have anything extraordinary which would make somebody looking for a flagship to settle for the Nokia 6.

            I know what I need. And Nokia 6 does not fit my plate. If people will bring cabbage to their plate while they were craving for cheese, then, I’m sorry my friend, it won’t be enjoyable.

            I’m highly active on Quora and people only asked if they should choose between Nokia 6 or other similarly priced smartphones. Nobody asked if he should choose the 6 over a Galaxy S8.

            Both devices have a different target market. And given the large price difference, buyers in both categories are different. I’d say that a person would be stupid if he/she settles for the 6 when he actually was looking for a better flagship.

            Some Nokia fans will, probably, but then fans are nothing more than the same sort of iSheep people we see everyday. My fanboyism is about something good. If HMD produces nothing good, I won’t love it. I love telling people that Nokia made the OZO and that Withings is owned by Nokia. Nothing else so far. The current range of smartphones is dumb.

            Nokia’s best way to re-enter should’ve been like OnePlus. Produce something at a price at which people would crave for it, talk about it, recommend it, love it, and buy it. But they are trying to leverage that brand name here. No real love for making something better.

          • 1. “Nokia’s best way to re-enter should’ve been like OnePlus. Produce something at a price at which people would crave for it, talk about it, recommend it, love it, and buy it. But they are trying to leverage that brand name here. No real love for making something better.”

            Its Nokia and not some Chinese company that runs thre companies with different names [Oppo, (where they give shit features at the highest price), Vivo (these are the cheapest quality of the 3) and OnePlus (these phones are offered after looting customers of Oppo and Vivo and have the worst after sales service)]. So, plz do not compare Nokia with these cheap Chinese companies.

            2. I love telling people that Nokia made the OZO and that Withings is owned by Nokia. Nothing else so far. The current range of smartphones is dumb.”

            Compare it all smartphones in similar price range and you will know the difference.(Now don’t bring in lenovo, oppo, vivo and other chinese). Compare it to Samsung to be fair. This time they are focussing on core Nokia values. And this is very much important to create trust among people. They offer the DURABILITY, DESIGN, EASE OF USE which other brands don’t care about at this price range. 🙂

            3. I’m highly active on Quora and people only asked if they should choose between Nokia 6 or other similarly priced smartphones. Nobody asked if he should choose the 6 over a Galaxy S8.

            Why would someone who wants to buy a Samsung S8 ask if he should choose Nokia 6? Samsung S8 is already available. And BTW i was saying about Nokia 9 vs Nokia 6 where did Samsung come from in between lol. The person who wants to buy a Nokia phone(that doesn’t mean he should be a Nokia Fan. He can be a normal guys or a girl who in past has used Nokia and wants to switch again) doesn’t have a choice in the premium segment. Some will wait, some will buy a Nokia 6 and buy Nokia 9 later when it arrives. If Nokia 9 launches next month then why would that person buy a Nokia 6. Instead he will wait for the Nokia 9 to come out. So this will have a very small decline in sales of Nokia 6.

          • 1. It’s marketing. There is nothing wrong with running multiple brands under your family. All of them follow a different marketing and sales strategy. All three target a different customer. If the customer is buying their products, that’s what matters. If it was just a plain loot, nobody would be grabbing an oppo or a vivo. Sure there’s marketing involved, but both Oppo and Vivo offer a better value than all the other brands you’ll find on the shelves of retail stores. And by that loot thing, do you want to say that Nokia will also start a better-product brand after looting money from the sales of Nokia 6?
            The after sales of OnePlus is actually better than that of Nokia of old days. My display got broken and it was fixed within 2 days, without leaving the phone with the service center. They offered the display and called me for replacement when it arrived. I remember when I had to wait 15+ days to have the flex of my Nokia 6500s replaced and they kept my phone with themselves.

            2. Why should I compare it to Samsung? Samsung is losing market share and offers shit features for the asking price. It is trying to leverage the brand value again and that’s where it is losing. The Nokia phones are also made in China. They also cost more of less the same to manufacture. So, why should they be priced higher than competition?
            I’d agree on the durability. However, there is no such extra ordinary design or ease of use that you speak. There are the same rectangular boxes, with similar buttons and a similar Android OS. Ease of use actually improves with skinned Android phones because a lot of important features are incorporated. I love OxygenOS (not MiUI tho) and I’ll brag about it to be the best feature enriched ROM and yet closest to stock Android. That said, MiUI can be better than stock Android if one looks at the features it incorporates.

            3. Given the amount of competition, no person in his senses would choose a phone which doesn’t fit his needs. If somebody is looking for a flagship, he just wants one. Only a fanboy would sacrifice his requirements just to buy a phone that is Nokia.
            If somebody wants a Nokia 9 and has the cash to spend, why would he buy a Nokia 6? Just because he is a fan and wants to own a Nokia phone? There’s no alternative reason here. Somebody who wants a flagship will look for one, the one who doesn’t will not. It’s that simple.

          • I became a Nokia Fan just because of the Nokia Care people. I never had to wait for more than two hours. There was a problem which they couldn’t fix with the keyboard of my Nokia X2-00(my 1st Nokia). They offered me a replacement for that phone(It took 13 days). It was under the extended warranty period of 1 year. 🙂 The phone still works. 🙂 It also depends on the people working in the service centers. 🙂
            Oppo (One for selfie and one for group selfie. WTF) Why can’t they just ad a single wide angle camera lol. This is just a gimmick. Oppo and Vivo offer better value in Offline market. I don’t agree with this. (Its just their marketing and pushing their phones down the throat of a consumer who enters the store. I say a video of Techinical Guruji where that Vivo Sales person say that Vivo V5 Plus has a dual camera at front, one is 20MP and the other is 8MP which in total is a 28MP of front camera LOL. So, a cutomer who doesn’t know anything about the tech is fooled by the vivo staff. Is this the correct marketing way? No, these people are just fooling customers.
            2. Just because Samsung is losing market share doesn’t mean that you should not compare it to others. You have to compare two premium brands and not 1 premium with other cheap. You can’t compare Ferrari with Hyundai, right? Ferrari has to be compared with a Lamborghini.
            For an average user Stock Android is more than enough.

    • When was the last time that Google said that xyz Android will not run smooth on 512? They always repeat the same story.
      But come on. The world knows that Android needs resources. No Android can work with less than a Gigabyte of RAM.

      • LOl yeah 😛 From the time of KITKAT they are saying it 😛

  • Stipe, You can make your Nokia Lumia 830 look like android KitKat with an app in windows store. Have you tried it? Its called KitKat Launcher. Take a look 🙂 https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/store/p/kitkat-launcher/9wzdncrdxlrv

    • Yes, I tried, but it’s little laggy and ugly 😀 Personally, I like the Tile UI the most.

      • Yeah its ugly lol. I just installed desktop launcher right now. A bit different but better than kitkat launcher 😊
        Still there are too many limitations. 😜

  • @disqus_Fwhc13VCQT:disqus @singhnsk:disqus Pretty reasonable arguments on both sides. I have to say that phones have to be launched in the 2 month period after the announcement. If you can’t do it, push back the announcement. That’s the standard. Mobile is a long term strategy for Nokia and they did a lot of market research prior to making the phones so I guess they Know what they are doing. The good thing is that people buy low-end phones because of their price and they don’t really look at every element in the specs. If a flagship was 6 months late, that would be a problem, but for lower end phones, not so much, I think. Also, HMD signed a lot of operator deals, and here in the West most phone are bought that way. 😀