35 million #Nokia feature phones shipped in 2016; 9% market share

Microsoft and HMD shipped 35.3 million Nokia-branded feature phones in 2016, says Strategy Analytics. That’s a sharp decline from the 90 million units shipped in 2015. Nokia-branded feature phones took 8.9% market share, behind Samsung with 13.2% market share.

HMD officially took over the licence for the Nokia brand on feature phones from Microsoft last December, and is currently selling 6 different feature phones across the world, including the Nokia 150.  One feature phone we are really excited about is the rumored new version of Nokia 3310. The new 3310 is set to be announced this Sunday at 16:30 CET, and should come with a modern, but familiar design for a price of 60 euros (64 dollars).


  • What? I can’t believe this. 🙁 Nokia is behind Samsung in Feature phones 🙁 This should change by year end 🙂

    • Rocky Tirajean S

      One best selling Samsung’s feature phone here is Samsung Caramel (flip phone)

    • Anurag Maurya

      the reason is Microsoft didn’t focus on nokia branded feature and smartphones. hope the figures shall change in 2017

    • Microsoft cancelled S40, and made S30+ unusable for anything other than calls and messaging. Good they sold anything. Sales fell 60%, while the industry declined 6%. Terrible.

      • yes. 🙁 S40 was much more capable then S30+
        Why Nokia isn’t using it again?

        • It’s hard, or almost impossible to resurrect an OS again. It requires to invest money, adapt to new standards and so on. They will use what they already have, and they should focus more in fine tuning Android smartphones.

      • what about Asha OS? it was based on S40.

        • Asha was cancelled because Elop and Balmmer had plans to make cheaper Lumias. They also wanted to update the S40 to a smarter feature phone OS to run Microsoft services. But Nadella happened and all got thrown away.

    • Rce

      Exactly,Microsoft actually stopped giving services for those feature phones,but now with Nokia’s comeback feature phones will sell really well,specially 3310 will be a great seller for Nokia,and within 2 years Nokia will be back in top 4 worldwide in all phones segment..

      • Features phones are always going to be around, but in an era of mass communication, their usability is limited and lower sales are expected.

        • Rce

          But still I’ll prefer Nokia to be at the top of the chart in feature phones segment..

  • Rce

    Still better than Microsoft Windows :p

    • lol

      • thats the reason Microsoft killed S40 i think 😛 It had WhatsApp and they were cheap too lol

        • Rce

          Microsoft-Nokia was one of the worst patch up ever,thank god Nokia is not with Microsoft any more..

          • it wasn’t worse. It was made worse by someone who never belonged there 🙁 Windows as an OS is much more better then Android. i don’t care for apps. I don’t like Android 🙁 hope to see a Sailfish OS running phone by end of 2018. If Nokia doesn’t give a great camera flagship with 41MP then i will stick to budget Nokia android phone. I hate android. 🙁

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