Full Monty of the #Nokia 6


We didn’t have to wait long for the naked photos of the Nokia 6, a model that came out just a month ago. Someone in China did the Full Monty of the Nokia 6, to show the technicians how to disassemble the device. Nokia 6 internals are designed very well to fill up the aluminum casing. It is nice to see that the battery is also stamped with the Nokia logo.

I am always surprised to see how small the motherboard has become, and how thin the LCD panel is. One interesting thing is that all the components are marked with D1C, probably the naming used in development.

Check out the gallery.


  • The Nokia logo on the battery looks like a fake Nokia logo.

    • Doesn’t look much as Nokia, but it is an official battery for Nokia 6.

    • Agree, Elop ditched the hologram sticker for original batteries because of cost cuts, back in 2011 or 2012