Microsoft Edge changes it’s name, and it’s complicated more than you can imagine

In a world where artificial intelligence makes rules, some companies have decided to change the names of their most popular products, so that you from the start know who you are dealing with. The latest example is Microsoft, which has just changed the name of its Internet browser Edge for iOS and Android to “Microsoft Edge: AI browser”. Four words for a single product. Whether Microsoft has gone a little overboard with this, you can judge for yourself, but the main question remains: is Edge a true AI browser?

Some argue it’s about marketing, but others are convinced that Edge is truly an AI browser, since ChatGPT-4 and DALL-E 3 are built into its core, which automatically enables smarter searching, and even creating illustrations based on queries. Truth be told, such tools can also be found in other browsers, but Edge distinguishes itself with Microsoft’s Copilot built into it, which is also available as a separate application on iOS and Android devices. Nevertheless, it all boils down to a wordplay. The main dilemma is whether Edge is truly an AI browser or an “AI-enabled browser”. Either way, the functionality is the same in both cases.