Netflix password-sharing crackdown is going global

Netflix password-sharing crackdown is going worldwide, after success in the US. Against all odds, Netflix managed to gain six million new subscribers, although many had expected the opposite. Some analysts have been suggesting that there would have come a massive exodus from the service, but it never happened. Quite the opposite.

So, as of today, Netflix has started to send emails to worldwide users to transfer existing profiles to new profiles if they want not to lose their lists and watch history.

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In the statement, Netflix said that 100 million households worldwide have been using password-sharing for several years, which resulted in the company’s losses and therefore, the capabilities for making quality content.

On the other hand, it’s difficult to predict how this saga will end in other countries, especially those not as rich as the US. There is still a possibility that in some regions the number of subscribers drops, just like it did in Spain, during the test period.