Vivo problems in Europe are on the rise

Nokia takes it pretty seriously when a company that uses its software solutions does not pay royalties. After the successful sales ban for Oppo and OnePlus in Germany, it was only a matter of months before other BBK brands would also feel Nokia’s wrath.

Following the Mannheim Regional Court’s ruling in favour of Nokia, Vivo announced the closure of its online stores in Germany. If you go to Vivo’s German website, the message you’ll find there is pretty simple and clear and it goes something like this: Unfortunately, Vivo products are currently not available in Germany. Accordingly, no product information is available there. If you use a vivo product, you can still rely on customer service, and future software updates will come.

No specific reason was given on the website, but it is apparently related to the judgement against Vivo for using Nokia’s WLAN software patents. Nokia offered Vivo to participate in negotiations about future royalties, but Vivo decided against it and the consequences are now visible.

So if you are a Vivo user in Europe, you can still use these devices, but you should not commit to the brand because it is not yet known how long Vivo will disappear from the EU market.