Nokia C22 looks tough on the inside

The Nokia C22 is an Android 13 GO-powered entry-level smartphone from Nokia, aimed at those who want to switch from a feature phone to a smartphone but are on a budget. The back of the phone is made of polycarbonate, which rests on an aluminium body that gives the phone a high degree of durability. The case is IP52 certified, which means it’s dust and splash resistant, but Nokia has also tested it for drops. The polycarbonate shell is just as easy to remove as that of the Nokia G22, which suggests that the phone should be easy to repair. The disassembly video posted by Techno Rabin also shows how easy the Nokia C22 should be to repair if something happens.

After removing the back cover that contains the fingerprint reader, two covers for the motherboard and the lower motherboard are revealed. These can be easily removed after loosening a few Torx screws. Only the battery remains, which is glued to the aluminium casing and whose glue has to be loosened with isopropyl alcohol.

At the end of the disassembly, you can see how simple the internal construction of the device and its components is, and Nokia Mobile still managed to keep it sturdy. I’d love to see Zack put the device through the bend test to see if it’s as sturdy as some flagship smartphones.

Here is the assembly video in case you disassembled it completely.

In case you are interested in a phone, check out the basic specs here.