Nokia Sentry or “XR30” images leaked

Nokia Mobile planned to release a new version of a very successful rugged Nokia XR20. The phone first popped up in a phone release roadmap in 2022 and was seen as a Nokia Sentry, planned to be released in H1 2023.

The phone should have a 64/8/16MP camera, rugged back, 4600 mAh battery and 33 Watt charging, and a 6/128 GB memory arrangement. The price was set at 499 USD, but that will probably change.

Anyways, Winfuture just released promo renders of the Nokia Sentry, or most likely the Nokia XR30 (educated guess, but still a guess).

The phone will be coming in green and black version, and it looks like an XR20, thanks to that large chin, and rugged back, but the sides won’t have extra rubber. The unlock button will probably be housing a fingerprint reader, and there is an extra button that Google Assistant used to possess which will most likely take another function.

We don’t see the top where that red button for extra functions was located, but that will be known when the full specs are leaked or the phone is launched.