Nokia C02 and C32 are fairly simply to repair

One of the reasons digital detox has failed, or at least it has for me, is that some apps have become irreplaceable. One of them is WhatsApp, which I use frequently on a daily basis and which is useful for various types of complicated communication. The only solution was the Nokia 2720 Flip with KaiOS ( OS), which supports WhatsApp, but using it on T9 is terrible.

I quickly returned to a normal smartphone, but still wanted to find a solution for digital withdrawal. Then I thought I could switch to a low-end smartphone, but that did not work because it looked like a normal smartphone but was super slow and annoying to use.

Now Nokia Mobile has launched the Nokia C02, a super simple, affordable smartphone running Android 12 Go that could be a perfect tool for a moderate digital detox. It’s a bit more powerful than the 2720 or 2660 Flip, and supports many apps, but for many of them, the phone would be too slow. It seems ideal for WhatsApping, reading and writing emails, and making calls. All the rest is not necessary and should not be on the phone (Twitter, Face, Instagram…)

Nokia C02 disassembly

Although it’s simple, it’s also simple on the inside. TechnoRabin posted a video disassembling the Nokia C02, and it looks like the phone is pretty easy to service if something breaks.

The back cover and battery are easily removable, making them replaceable. Two internal circuit boards, the main and secondary, are covered with two plastic pieces that need to be unscrewed. Then the rest can be easily removed and taken apart. The aluminum frame, actually a circuit board, is connected to the display, so the only difficult part to replace is the display. All in all, this is a pretty simple and sturdy phone that even offers some protection from water and dust thanks to all the rubber parts on the openings.

Nokia C32 Disassembly

The Nokia C32 is a bit more complex, but it still looks like it would be easy to disassemble and repair with simple tools. Check out the disassembly video below.

Nokia C32 does look to be more complex on the inside, and the boards are a bit more premium, but it is still easy to disassembly and fix.

Thank you to TechnoRabin for the tip