Google introduces Android 14 Developer Preview 2

After the first instance launched last month, today Google released Android 14 Developer Preview 2, while the first Beta will be available in April. Installing DP and Beta versions of Android is not recommended for ordinary users, as they are full of bugs that developers usually report to Google. However, it gives us a glimpse of what we can expect in the final version.

DP2 brings new improvements in privacy, security, and general performance, as well as additional interface adjustments for tablets and foldables.

One of the interesting items is the possibility of restricting access to applications only to certain photos, that is, those that you specify yourself, and not necessarily to all of them.

The new Credential Manager as an API platform for unifying passwords brings visual changes and easier navigation, which was done after testers complained about the DP1 version.

The operation of applications in the background is also better optimized, and the same applies to RAM management. Certain important notifications have also been added that you can’t just remove and forget about, and perhaps the most interesting detail is the possibility of personalizing measurement units regardless of region. So, if you are European (or any other inhabitant of the planet), and you work in America, you will no longer have to bother with Fahrenheit.