Revisiting the divergent Nokia XL phone

When I started covering Nokia almost 12 years ago, my biggest wish was to attend Nokia World or MWC events. This wish came true in 2014 when Nokia invited me to cover their announcement events for the Croatian public.

I was very excited and felt like a superstar as Nokia had organized everything in the best way for me and other fellow bloggers and journalists. I felt the energy of Nokia’s crew and enjoyed three days at MWC that I will remember for a lifetime.

Anyway, at this event, Nokia announced the Nokia X series, which is colorful, rugged, and targeted at the younger demographic that needs a powerful and affordable smartphone. The entire series consisted of the Nokia X, X+, and the largest model, the Nokia XL. I had the opportunity to test it out thanks to the one and only Dean Pattrick, and it was a strange but fun device.

The idea behind it was probably to show Microsoft that Nokia is still capable of developing its version of Android and using it as a platform for more affordable phones, which boomed in sales. That was also the last hope for many Nokia fans that there would be a chance to see an Android-based phone, a combination of Sailfish and Nokia’s fresh-looking UI.

Also, this device was an incentive to speed up Microsoft in decisions regarding the chain of events that happened a year later. Microsoft saw what was happening and decided to buy the Devices and Services division, ending any chance of a Nokia phone running Android until HMD stepped in.

Abdulla did a great video (as usual) on the Nokia XL and I recommend checking it out.