Nokia G21 receiving new Android Build

Nokia G21 Android 12 Build

Nokia G21, the new face of affordable Nokia smartphones, started receiving a new Android Build update. The update is minor, just 27.73 MB, but it brings some under-the-hood improvements. Strangely, the new 1.570 Build is bringing an old security patch from July.

I haven’t noticed any changes but I can say that my G21 froze for some 10 minutes. Now I managed to restart it and some apps are crushing for no reason and the phone does seem slow. Do share your after-the-installation experiences, so we can see if the problem is in my unit or if the issue is larger.

Update – There is also a September patch available for Nokia G20.Theupdateis17MB in size and should be available globally.


Thanks Branko for the tip 😉


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