Nokia XR20 now on sale with Telstra in Australia

Nokia XR20 on telstra

Nokia mobile in Australia appears to be doubling down on operator offerings in Australia. The Nokia XR20 is now available with Telstra, a network operator in Australia. This is a good deal for Nokia Mobile since Telstra is respected for its rural and regional coverage despite Australia being a vast country with geographic challenges. The Nokia XR20 is now available and you can see the deal here.

You can buy the device for either 12 (73.25 AUD per month), 24 (36.62 AUD per month) or 36 months (24.41 AUD per month) or outright for 879 AUD, which is almost 600€, or rather a high price.

Personal takes…

Australian telcos (Australian slang) are usually very selective about what devices they stock. This means smaller players generally get ignored and devices rarely get stocked, if at all. Nokia Mobile last year hired a manager of operator business In ANZ and this saw more models get stocked by carriers. Another contributing factor could be Nokia Mobiles’ big growth in Australia throughout 2021. After all Pekka Rantala (former chief marketing officer) said in 2017 that Australia has always been one of the heartlands of the Nokia brand. And don’t forget that Stephen Elop used to be the president of Telstra Group :).

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