Update – Nokia sales increased in Russia

The Russian smartphone market crumbled under the sanctions of the western-oriented brands that stopped shipping their devices and products. However, there aren’t strict boundaries in capitalism which prevailed and set some good sales numbers for the Chinese brands.

Russian kommersant-ru reports that Chinese brands are now dominating the Russian market. Under Chinese brands, they consider brands like Realme, Vivo, Mi, Tecno, Infinix, iTel and even Nokia since the rights to release smartphones under the Nokia brand are owned by the Chinese holding HMD Global. Brands like Tecno, Infinix, Realme and Xiaomi saw over a 100%b increase in sales in Russia, and even Nokia sales grew more than 40%.

The secret is the direct import of smartphones produced in China over the China-Russia border which is still open for goods exchange. Before the direct exchange of products, Russia was importing digital products from the ex-USSR countries with which Russia still has an economic zone.

Although Nokia Mobile isn’t officially represented in Russia, it is good to see the Nokia phones being sold well there.


Thanks Aleksadr for the tip 😉


Nokia Mobile has sent us an official statement regarding the reports of the Russian Kommersant-ru covering the increase in the sales of Nokia smartphones in the Russian market. As we stated before, Nokia Mobile exited the Russian market in March 2022 and they are not officially conducting business there. Here is the statement.

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, stopped shipments to Russia in early March 2022. We continue to comply with all sanctions and restrictions, including sales on our website in Russia.

Also, Kommersant-ru said that Nokia is a Chinese brand run by HMD Global which is a Chinese holding company. HMD Global reacted harshly with the statement below:

HMD Global Oy is an independent Finnish company with a strong European heritage and international shareholding structure. We therefore strongly refute being referred to as a “Chinese holding company” in the press.

A slight update to the matter with a statement from Nokia itself.

HMD Global has confirmed to us that they stopped all exports of Nokia branded products to Russia.


As an Editor in Chief, I must end the whole story and say that I do not support violence and that all the problems can be solved by reasonable dialogue even though the solution might seem distant. The mind needs to prevail the brute force, and this is what I will always cherish. However, we are connected nowadays more than ever, and Nokia phones will always find their way to the folks that remember the brand from some better times and still believe in what the brand stands.