Besides #Nokia, #Apple is suing #Qualcomm for Anti-trust law breach, too

At the end of last year, Apple filed a complaint to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission in US) accusing Nokia and a “group of patent trolls” for extortion and conspiracy against Apple. Nokia replied, filling patent infringement charges all around the globe, and stating that Apple, since signing the last patent agreement in 2012, is refusing to negotiate licence for the rest of Nokia’s patent portfolio, and renew the contract with the new terms.

Now, Apple is suing the chipmaker Qualcomm, accusing it of monopolizing the wireless devices’ chip market, and (of course) excessive patent royalties. Apple demands 1 billion dollars that Qualcomm promised as a rebate for licencing fees, but Qualcomm is allegedly withholding the fee because of Apple’s cooperation with regulatory agencies in South Korea.

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