Nokia Technologies president in final four of Fiercest Women in Telecom

Society is used to seeing men running big companies which is mostly the result of the biology of our species. While men can dedicate more of their time to work and hobbies, women are mostly dedicated less to their careers and more to upraising of offspring. But, in modern society, there is a lot of opportunities for women to be both loving mother and wife and successful leader.

Fierce Wireless is organizing a contest every year to find the Fiercest Woman in telecom. The contest is in the final four executives now, and one of the four executives is Jenni Lukander, the president of Nokia Technologies. Jenni is managing and monetizing Nokia’s patent portfolio and runs the development of the future Nokia tech. She is currently running against Veronica Bloodworth, a chief network officer at Frontier Communications, and Jenni needs a bit of support.

All you need to do is get to the Fierce wireless page, scroll down to the vote section and do the magic. Let’s show the power of Nokiamobsters here quickly since the semi-finals end tomorrow, and bring Jenni to the semi-finals. She definitely deserves it since it is not easy being a mom of three boys and running Nokia Technologies. I have two boys, and without my wife, I would not be running a company, but running away :).

Go, go, go.