#Nokiamob is 5 years old today!

This day could be best described with the old Latin expression “Tempus fugit”, or time flies. Well, on this day, 5 years ago, the NokiaMob blog was formed. The idea behind the blog was to reinstate all the glory that Nokia brand and company once had and deserved to have. The 2012 was the year of big changes and big attacks from the competition, but Nokia had still a lot to offer, so I decided to start blogging about the company, phones and share the news here in Croatia, where Nokia was mentioned rather sporadically in tech portals. Nokia really means a lot to me since it gave me first hand insight in rapid development of the technology. Everything that I imagined one mobile phone should have, Nokia would place that technology and keep pushing it forward when many other were just satisfied with what they had at the moment. So, in new millennia, my love about technology was transferred to Nokia and it just grew. It is fascinating that one company can create such a big connection and togetherness between people and create a community that feels the same about technology, progress and all the goals of Nokia. This feeling is the reason why I stayed dedicated to Nokia and I believe the other guys at NokiaMob have the same feeling.

Here is a little history lesson about the blog. With little funding, the blog started as a wordpress.com address in 2012 and a year later got a proper domain, nokiamob.me, and in Croatian language. As it slowly but steadily grew, like my obligations, Stipe soon joined and was later followed by Misangenius, and Zlatko. Now nokiamob.me has close to 30k visits per month and with combine effort we published almost 10k posts, reviews and POV articles.

As you might have noticed, the history of Nokia’s Devices and Services division was a bit rough in the past few years and so was the path of NokiaMob. We decided to stay on curse and keep tracking everything that Nokia was, and is still making; and support all the things that came out of Nokia, like Jolla, HERE, Vertu and more. So, 9 months ago, we decided to push our love for Nokia even further and we started the international version of the blog, or nokiamob.net, what are you reading right now. 😉

Main writers here are Stipe, Zlatko and my humbleness Themightym ?. We pushed here 443 posts (444 with this one) where we cover everything about Nokia, what includes phones made by HMD Global, Networking business, Health and VR businesses and a little bit about Jolla and HERE. International version of the blog has already reached 15k of monthly visits and most of those come from India, Finland and the USA.

Well, we could argue and say that this international version is not 5 years old so what is the fuss. But, we are especially happy about it and we wanted to share the same felling with you wonderful readers. In the very beginning, the plan was to make Nokiamob.me and an international version, but I took baby steps and waited for everything to grow a bit. Now we are here, we are planning to stay and share the Nokia love with the world.

Keep following us here, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, and Welcome to the Nokia World!


Best regards from Themightym and the whole Nokiamob team!


P.S. The cake is real and it was actually good 🙂