Nokia 3310 is not only indestructible, but indigestible too

Old and new Nokia 3310 (by Suomimobiili)

When Nokia 3310 was launched back in 2000, everybody wanted to own that nice looking piece of the latest tech. Back in the days’ people liked smaller phones, and Nokia 3310 came as a perfect replacement for the somewhat larger Nokia 3210. Since the phone was resistant to accidental or intentional drops, it got nicknamed indestructible. Well, you would need to pick the back cover, battery and the front part of the phone from the floor, assemble all of the parts back together, and in general, Nokia 3310 would still be functioning perfectly.

Anyways, a few days ago, mainstream media got a new nickname for Nokia 3310. Indigestible. Of course, there is a story behind all of that. It starts with a 30-year-old man from Priština, Kosovo going to the hospital, complaining of a stomach ache. Doctors were surprised to find Nokia 3310 there, and the phone was removed from the stomach endoscopically without any problem. Apparently, the guy was carrying the phone for 4 days.

Well, the doctor did share the photos of the device removed, and it turns out to be a poorly done replica of the Nokia 3310 released by Nokia Mobile in 2017. Well, the phone resembles a lot of 3310, so everyone started sharing the news of the legendary phone.

I wonder if that poor man went crazy or not from hearing the Nokia tune coming from somewhere and not being able to pinpoint the sound source 🙂


Source Jutarnji