Nokia acquires two new ships for Alcatel Submarine Networks business

With the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent in 2015, Nokia also acquired the the French company’s business that sets up underwater network cables called Alcatel Submarine Networks or shorter – ASN. ASN remained a separate business unit inside Nokia, because of its strategic significance to France.

For quite some time it was rumored that Nokia is looking to sell ASN, but these rumors kind of died and I didn’t spot any sales rumors recently. In fact, Nokia’s new CEO Pekka Lundmark said the unit is turning profitable. To further improve ASN’s capabilities, the company will be acquiring two new ships for laying underwater cables.


The Ile de Molène and Ile d’Yeu are names of the two new vessels joining ASN’s fleet. The vessels are named after islands Molène and Île d’Yeu.  Per the official ASN website, the company has 6 vessels and the fleet will grow to 8 vessels with the recent acquisition.