New Nokia 105 and Nokia 110 launched with 4G *UPDATED with pricing*

Nokia 110 4G

Nokia Mobile did a refresh of the popular most affordable feature phones Nokia 105 and Nokia 110. The most significant upgrade is the 4G support, while the previous iterations supported only 2G networks. With more and more countries shutting down 2G and 3G networks with the transition to 5G, upgrading the feature phone lineup is essential.

Nokia 105 4G

Both devices feature a new design and they look quite similar. The design reminds me of the Nokia X6 from back in the days and I like it. The 110 also comes in a bright yellow color, which became the trademark of Nokia Lumia devices, so it is also nice to have that color back.

The new 105 and 110 feature 4G and the main difference between the two is that Nokia 110 4G comes with a camera. Both devices do have a torchlight at the top and similar specifications, including a 1020mAh battery, Unisoc T107 CPU, 128MB of RAM, 48MB of internal storage expandable with a MicroSD card slot, 3.5 mm headphone jack and Series 30+ as the OS.

The new devices were spotted on the official page, without a proper urbi at orbi proclamation from Nokia Mobile, so we don’t know the details like the price and availability. One we do get some official word about that, we will update the article.

You can learn more about Nokia 105 4G here and Nokia 110 4G here.

Update: We learned that the Nokia 105 4G will retail at about 34.90 euro, while the retail price of Nokia 110 4G will be around 39.90 euro.