PanzerGlass screen protector available for Nokia X20 and X10

Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 are coming with a screen protector applied in the factory, but that will surely need a replacement in the future. Gladly, Panzer Glass collaborated with Nokia Mobile and designed and made a protective glass specially for X20 and X10. This glass should be shock and scratch-resistant, and according to the box, easy to install. It is also following the bezels of the display so it shouldn’t be that visible on a device when applied.

The glass can already be found in PanzerGlass online shop for €26.95 even though some online retailers are selling it a bit cheaper. Definitely be careful when ordering cheaper stuff from online shops.

I am not using the protective glass because I always get an urge to peel it off the screen, but it is nice to see that Nokia partnered with a good quality accessories manufacturer. By the way, there are screen protectors for other Nokia devices, so if you are using that kind of a protection, do check PanzerGlass webshop.


Cheers Alex for the tip 😉