Vascular Age is a new feature available for Nokia and Withings Body Cardio scales

The French company focused on health and fitness gadgets Withings announced a new feature for their Body Cardio scale. Vascular Age is a metric computed from Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) and it will show you the “age” of your vascular system compared to your actual age. If your Vascular Age is lower than chronological age, you are healthier than average Withings user, and if it is not, maybe consider establishing healthier habits.


To be fair, Withings does mention that the comparison sample comes from actual Withings users, so one would assume people who buy smart scales do tend to be generally in good health. Withings will offer three measurement tiers: Optimal, Normal and Not Optimal, where the Optimal puts you in top 10%, and Not Optimal in the bottom 10%. All between is Normal.

Withings uses an “exclusive” algorithm developed with cardiology specialists that takes the mentioned PWV (how fast the blood flows from the heart to the feet) and computes the Vascular Age. This feature should be available with the Withings and Nokia Body cardio scales. Withings was a part of Nokia briefly. The official blog posts mentioned that PWV, and I assume consequently Vascular Age, is available only to EU users. You can check all the details here.