Nokia E7 was a great device that needs remembering

History is the rival of time and serves us as the example and lesson to the present, and if all considered right, a warning to the future. Some say that history should be left where it belongs, but what I know it always repeats itself so it is good to know how things were done before.

Here is a nice video called behind the Nokia E7 that talks about the ideas of Nokia E7, the unique phone Nokia announced at the end of 2010. The story about the phone is told by its designer, Shunjiro Eguchi, who is now working as a principal Designer at Microsoft.

Back in the days, Nokia was doing nice promotional videos that would describe the effort given to the design and production of its best devices, which is something that connected people with this brand. The production might be heartless today, but the design still needs a touch of feelings which is something that Nokia Mobile is still trying to do, even though not at the same level as Nokia did before.

Vimeo 1000Heads


Anyways, this video was posted by 1000heads, a UK based PR company that used to work for Nokia D&S department and which was responsible for marketing and was also running Nokia Conversations blog. Nokia Mobile also hired 1000heads just recently for the #LoveTrustKeep contest where you can win Nokia 8.3 5G. It is good to see some old names working again with the Nokia brand, and 1000heads did such a nice job of connecting Nokia brand with people.

How do you like Nokia E7? You just have to love that keyboard popup sound :). I find it a great device that would be worth of a comeback. Livermorium did its F(x)tec Pro 1 back in 2019, which looks great, but it would also be great to see the similar device with Nokia logo on it.