Forbes likes Nokia Mobile’s Essential Wireless Headphones

Nokia Mobile is a maker of smart and feature phones, and some just know it as that. But, Nokia phones alone can’t make a successful brand ecosystem alone, so naturally, the manufacturer announced some audio and other equipment that go perfectly with phones.

Nokia Power Earbuds and Power Earbuds Lite are a great example of a rather good accessory that Nokia Mobile launched, even though Forbes reviewer didn’t like them that much. I don’t know, I’m not an extreme audiophile but I tested both of them and Power Earbuds (actually the Lite model is the same as the non-lite with a difference in the case battery capacity) do produce a good quality sound.

Anyways, Forbes tested also the Headphones, or also known as Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones E1200, which are wireless BT headphones that can also be connected with a 120 cm cable that is coming in the box. For the price of just $83, these headphones are a nice product that has a good quality sound delivered through a 40mm drivers and a super long-lasting battery life. The reviewer said that the Bass Mode is a bit aggressive, but that headphones are great for listening to music and podcasts.

He didn’t like the quality of the sound during calls which mean that microphones were either badly positioned on not tuned well. The reviewer did mention that headphones are comfortable to wear and that the pads are softly cushioned. Another good thing is that headphones do fold nicely to preserve the space, which is something that Apple AirPods Max can’t do for its price.

For the sub 100 USD price, Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones do seem to be a good choice for those that are not an extreme audiophiles.

Well, it will be nice to test them!