Nokia Mobile has a new Online Store for the US market

Nokia Mobile continued the work of conquering the lucrative smartphone market of North America that Nokia’s late Devices & Services department started. First, they were using popular retailers to sell their most valued phones, and then they started manufacturing smartphones designed for the needs of some carriers specifically, like Nokia phones for Verizon or Cricket. Now they are opening a webshop that will make the purchase and shipping of Nokia phones much easier.
Currently, the shipping is free, and on the page, you can find all Nokia phones that are certified for the US market. There are some nice bundles there, for example, if you get an affordable Nokia 3.4 you will enjoy the good sound from Nokia Power Earbuds Lite (check the review here). Also, the Nokia webshop has in offer the latest Nokia 8.3 5G with some interesting protective cases for free, or Nokia 8 V 5G UW, which is exclusive for Verizon and has support for Verizon’s 5G mmWave band. You can also find some older models like Nokia 7.2, Nokia C2 Tava, Nokia C5 Endi, which is basically 5.3, or Nokia 2V Tella.

Webshops are currently the best way to do business, and all the company needs is a bit of cleverly done logistics. The physical sales are important for potential buyers to get in touch with the device, and that segment should not be neglected, but with free shipping included, you can easily find a phone for you, especially if you don’t have time for waiting in queues or don’t want to get out of your home in these uncertain times.

Do check the store and find something interesting for you.

Thanks Marnix Kappeye for the tip 😉